Introduction Well Well We were not expecting this side up of Mark Zuckerberg in this flick and the ldquo social network rdquo that he established with his

The Social Network Movie Review

The Social Network Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " The Social Network"
Runtime: 2 Hours 01 minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-11-2010
Genre: Biography, Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Introduction: Well! Well! We were not expecting this side up of Mark Zuckerberg in this flick, and the “social network” that he established with his vision and extreme perseverance is now up for display and everyone knows about it. Well, to tell you this is not a complete personal account of Mark Zuckerberg but still it is well-crafted and shows all types of treacheries and lies one has to go through to achieve something.

Plot: Mark( Jesse Eisenberg) begins working on a new project that he thinks would bring together people of his college, and then he grows so obsessed with it that he relentlessly starts working upon it, some ridiculing him over his work but few of his friends supporting him too. Then new troubles spawn out of nowhere and as it is quite natural some wrong, hasty decisions are made by mark as and as he progresses towards his project and ultimately to his fate.

Review: This movie has not captured the complete inside story. It is but the good- bad things that came out publicly, and that is what makes this movie interesting. Mark himself admitted at the launch of the movie that it was a near perfect portrayal of him and the social networking site that he toiled and worked hard for. The cinematography is brilliant in this movie, I mean who would not give a damn for the visuals to be perfect enough and that too in a college and that too of a future business magnate who would twist the fabric of social networking? The acts of Eisenberg and his fellow comrade Andrew Garfield who plays the role of Eduardo Saverin have been quite satisfying and to say superb. The way Eisenberg has portrayed Zuckerberg is appealing enough, his haste and the power to think beyond the unimaginable has been well personified. Also, this movie has one good thing that it doesn’t come with a lot of falsities, the movie hits a “MARK” on things that were present at that time, and the director has made sure that the movie stays with it till the credits roll. In the conclusion I would like to say that if you are socially awkward this movie is not for you!! just kidding.

Conclusion: This movie would be a treat, and no one would want to miss whatever comes. Also, who wouldn’t want to see the life of the man who gave them the platform to boast about them and to connect with the people with them or around the globe?