Top 16 Tamil Movie Reviewers

Top 16 Tamil Movie Reviewers Tamil Article

Reviewing a movie is not an easy task. However one reviews our fastidious nature will pick one fault or the other with the reviewer. Sometimes when we like one reviewer’s work to a great extent we don’t express it at all. In fact, we only talk about the movies rather than movie’s reviewer, who make our job comfortable as to whether or not to watch the movie. So this is an attempt to bring into light the Tamil movie reviewers in YouTube.

1. Tamil Talkies


Blue Shirt, as they call, is very down-to-earth. The main thing that differentiates him from other reviewers is that he doesn’t smile while he is giving the review. Why is it that he doesn’t smile? Blue Shirt is very matter-of-fact and has excellent sense of humor laced in his words besides his serious face. The way he talks is commendable in the sense that he talks in a patient manner. However, Blue Shirt was lashed by the fans for his blunt review on ‘ Kabali Click to look into! >> Read More... Kabali ’. Also, sometimes he gives out too much of the story. But such things are part and parcel of the industry and Blue Shirt would surely be a wise person by now. Blue Shirt doesn’t mince words while reviewing (however ‘ Metro Click to look into! >> Read More... Metro ’ was one of the few films that received a complete positive review by him). Moreover, he doesn’t praise the stars unnecessarily. The satire of Blue Shirt has gained much recognition from the fans now. His delivery style is also good.

Blue Shirt: Outspoken


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2. Kalakkal Cinema

Kalakkal Cinema, since its inception in 2009, gives ample dosage of entertainment through reviews and other tidbits. Sanjay Vijay takes care of the reviewing part. His review style is very spontaneous and he has a cheerful countenance. He is just like the boy next door and is very expressive. He doesn’t fail to appreciate the stars if they had really done a commendable job.


Sanjay Vijay: Cheerful and Spontaneous


Subscribers: 16,279 | View: 19,231,747 views | Joined: Oct 7, 2011


3. Jackie Cinemas


Jackie Shekar is very much at ease while reviewing since he talks, releases, pauses….he is at his spontaneous best. He has a calm disposition and reviews with a great comfort level. Jackie Shekar is a good writer too and has written some good pieces.

Jackie Shekar: Well-equipped

Subscribers: 14,279 | View: 3,611,545 views | Joined: Nov 18, 2014

4. Behindwoods

Earlier it was Abhishek who was giving the reviews. Now it’s ‘Matheevan’. Maatheevan is very casual and gives stress when required. He is also expressive and doesn’t overact. The way the review is told looks convincing. He tells the review from the view of the critic, the common man and the ultimate fan and this is pretty appealing. Kavya Sathyamoorthy is the representative of the team of 13 members and the reviewer gives the reviews devoid of spoilers.

Matheevan: Expressive

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5. Kashayam With Bosskey

Bosskey takes up the task of reviewing for You may like him or not but one thing that will attract you is his surprising gestures. He gives a broad smile, talks in a humorous manner and is quite casual. Whether it is radio jockeying or hosting on the television or proving himself as a stand-up comedian or being a movie actor, Bosskey is someone who can wear multiple hats with ease. Bosskey has exceptional command over the language and erases any tension.

Bosskey: Casual and proficient

Subscribers: 440,687 | Views: 422,585,172

6. Just Watch My Review

Susi, the reviewer, has a very serious face. However he has a balanced disposition of being self-conscious as well as being free, at the same time. Sounds confusing right? Well, you watch the review in the below given links and you will understand it. He reviews as though his verdict is the final thing and his confidence should be highly appreciated. He explains clearly why he likes a particular aspect. Susi is very active in social networking.

Susi: Confident

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7. Hari Talkies

Hari Diwakar, the reviewer, makes gesture with great expressions. He smiles whenever required and has a confident approach. Also it is evident that he enjoys his reviews. He is friendly and at the same time candid in giving his reviews. Sometimes he elaborates on the negatives too much. However, Hari Talkies takes efforts to reply to the comments given by the viewers.

Hari Diwakar: Involved

Subscribers: 1,424 | Views: 328,708 | Joined: Jun 21, 2013

8. Nettv4u - Review Raja

The review is given by ‘Pappu’ in a convincing manner and you feel as though you should watch the movie even though negative criticism is given. His easy and energetic approach is something highly appreciable. Pappu is very spontaneous and calls the spade a spade (but in a humorous manner). Telling the negatives in a humorous manner is indeed a challenging task and your facial expressions should complement with that. And Review Raja does exactly that.

Pappu: Enthusiastic

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9. Tamil Cinema

Well, Prashanth has a friendly approach and is completely at ease with his talking. He is natural and there is no build up. His reviews are not partial and he gives an earnest effort. He has confessed that he does reviews since he doesn’t want people to be misdirected; here he gives genuine reviews. His first review was for ‘Earam’ and the viewers have embraced him with open arms. His narration is very blunt (which may not be liked by some though it is an essential aspect of reviewing). However, overall, he has garnered the positive feedback of the viewers.

Prashanth: Blunt and natural

Subscribers: 99,375 | Views: 27,059,724 | Joined: Sep 13, 2009

10. Cine Ulagam

Praveen, who provides reviews for Cine Ulagam is comfortable with his reviews. He also has a friendly attitude that attracts him to the viewers. When he analyses a film he doesn’t mind to praise lavishly. His body language and diction is also good. He also uses English words often (which may be his merit or demerit as per the perception of the viewer).

Praveen: Comfortable and genuine

Subscribers: 47,823 | Views: 32,238,616 | Joined: Jan 10, 2011

11. Smile Settai

The dumbest review, that they themselves claim, is something that will give light to their perspective. It is a novel attempt and the four people including the critic, the youngster, the hero’s fan, and the common man, give verdict. They give their votes in a board and that is somewhat novel. Though it seem to be overacting sometimes, what can we say when they themselves claim to give the dumbest reviews? Finally, four of them give the verdict which is quite acceptable. Whatever it is, hats off to their honest approach. As they say, like them or dislike them, you cannot simply ignore their settai! RJ Vignesh is the man who is behind this fast growing channel and the idea of giving four-dimensional perception to anything, be it a review or the Cauvery issue, is simply interesting. The show which started off with a four-member team is now brimming with 18 members. Way to go Smile Settai!

Smile Settai Team: Funny

Subscribers: 106,672 | Views: 12,345,969 | Joined: Dec 18, 2015

12. Fully Filmy

'VJ Abhishek' reviews for Fully Filmy. His enthusiasm in reviewing films is clearly shown when he is reviewing. Apart from reviewing he is also a host, a VJ and a journalist. He has a penchant for reviewing and that is obvious in his way of reviewing. He is very expressive, lavish in his praise, has a smiling face, and above all very jovial.

VJ Abhishek: Jovial

Subscribers: 9,290 | Views: 991,544 | Joined: Mar 25, 2015

13. Hindu’s Selfie Review

Karthick Krishna Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Karthick Krishna is very comfortable with reviewing and he is very humorous. He doesn’t overact and is spontaneous. He is very expressive too and has good comic timing. Moreover, he tells the pros and cons of the movie in a very convincing manner. His honest and spontaneous way of reviewing has garnered him many fans.

Karthick Krishna: Good Comfort Level with Reviewing

Subscribers: 43,520 | Views: 23,044,737 | Joined: Apr 25, 2014

14. Cinema Patti

The reviewer is very casual and has a very serious face. He talks without any pause and is very involved in telling about the plus and minus of the movie. He has a very different approach of reviewing.

Reviewer: Restrained

Subscribers: 660 | Views: 60,579 | Joined: Dec 19, 2015

15. Vikatan TV

The reviewer is very expressive and her voice modulation and dialogue delivery is good. She is very careful in giving the pros and cons so that the review does not hurt the fans. She is very relaxed and seems to give honest review.

Reviewer: Relaxed

Subscribers: 677,613 | Views: 768,441,925 | Joined: Oct 10, 2011

16. Ymix Tamil

Here only the reviewer’s voice is heard. However, the reviewer has good diction and is very casual. He is at ease while reviewing and pauses often when he speaks.

Reviewer: Casual

Subscribers: 15,403 | Views: 5,881,980 | Joined: Oct 4, 2015

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