Top 10 Mother Actresses In Malayalam

Top 10 Mother Actresses In Malayalam Malayalam Article

1. ' Sukumari Sukumari was a legendary South Indian actress who >> Read More... Sukumari '

Sukumari is a comedy actress mainly in Malayalam film industry. But her acting talents were so classy that her mother characters are part of classic Malayalam characters. Her role in ‘ Rasikan Click to look into! >> Read More... Rasikan ’ etc. is a perfect example.


2. ' Lena Lena Abhilash is known for her character Jancy pla >> Read More... Lena '

Lena is a comparatively new actress in Malayalam films. But that doesn’t keep her away from creating some perfect characters over time. Her mother role in the film ‘ Traffic Click to look into! >> Read More... Traffic ’ was so great, giving her more of mother character roles in Malayalam film industry.


3. ‘ Urvashi Urvashi is the stage name of Kavitha Ranjini, a pr >> Read More... Urvashi


“Achuvinte Amma” was a movie praised by many critics. It is due to the performance of two actresses. Urvashi and Meera Jasmine Born on 15th February 1982, Meera Jasmine belongs >> Read More... Meera Jasmine . Urvashi’s role as Meera Jasmine’s mother in this film was well praised and showed her talent in bringing life to mother characters in Malayalam movies.

4. ‘ Sharada Noted South Indian actress Sharada, a three-time r >> Read More... Sharada


Sharada is an old time legendary actress in Malayalam, winning many National Awards. Her mother roles in many films are noteworthy. Her role in ‘Rappakal’ was great, giving signs of her acting talents after so many years.

5. ' Sheela Winner of the Guinness World Record along with Pre >> Read More... Sheela '


Another actress from the golden age of Malayalam film industry. She is still active in acting, playing mother characters. Her best performance comes in the film ‘ Manassinakkare Story soon >> Read More... Manassinakkare ’, in which she celebrated her return to Malayalam movies after a very long time. And she made it special with class acting in that film. After that, she got many offers all closely linked to mother roles.


6. ‘ Ambika story coming soon >> Read More... Ambika


Ambika is another actress from the golden age of South Indian movies. She focused in Tamil and Telugu industries nowadays. But she had many offers from Malayalam to act in mother characters. She played a wonderful job in the film ‘Pandippada’.

7. Kaviyoor Ponnamma Kaviyoor Ponnamma is the evergreen mother of Malay >> Read More... Kaviyoor Ponnamma

If you say mother roles in Malayalam films, Kaviyoor Ponnamma is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind. She acted in many Malayalam films, all showcasing her innocence as a mother. She acted as a mother of many talented actors of the current as well as old generation. ‘ Mammootty Muhammed Kutty Ismail Paniparambil is the original >> Read More... Mammootty ’, ‘ Mohanlal Mohan Lal is the Super Star of the Malayalam film >> Read More... Mohanlal ’, ‘’, etc. are some of the actors who make up the list. She is considered as the mother of Malayalam films by many fans.


Meena Meena is a heart touching sibling story of 9 year >> Read More... Meena was a front line actress in many films. As time passed by, she changed her focus into maternal characters, and it worked. Her mother character in the film ‘ Drishyam Click to look into! >> Read More... Drishyam ’ was a big hit, creating many more offers to her in the industry to play maternal characters.

9. Kottayam Santha Kottayam Santha is a Malayalam film actress who ha >> Read More... Kottayam Santha

Santha Devi only acted in less number of Malayalam films as she was a drama artist. Her mother role in the film ‘Nadodikkattu’ was so soulful, which made the audience cry when she was dead in the film.

10. 'Meena'

Another noteworthy actress is Meena, who played many mothers or mother-in-law characters in many films. She is a good mother in one film, and then she becomes a monstrous mother-in-law in the next film, which showed her acting talent at its core.