Sharada Telugu Actress

Noted South Indian actress Sharada, a three-time recipient of National Award, is a South Indian Actress. Initially, she has done many supporting roles in Telugu films, later on, she moved to Malayalam film industry and gained success there. She is also known as Urvashi Sharada because earlier the National Film Award for Best Actress was officially designated as Urvashi Award. Sharada was a skilled artist and to portray any scene which contained any kind of grievance or pain; she was chosen. There is also a fact that scenes were specially scripted to depict the pain to show her skills, and that was a one-way audience got attracted towards her. Personal Life: Sharada belongs to Andhra Pradesh, India. When she was born her name was ' Saraswati Devi Saraswati Devi was the second Hindi female music c >> Read More... Saraswati Devi ' that was later changed. On 25th June 1945, Venkateswara Rao and Sathyavathi Amma were blessed with this soulful and skilled artist, Saharda. Tenali is the actual place where she came from. Kanakamma, her grandmother, who took the responsibility of her, is the person with whom she spent her childhood and because of whom she reached such great heights. She spent her childhood with her in Madras. Her family also includes her brother, Mohan Rao and her husband, Chalam. But unfortunately, things didn’t go well, and they divorced later on. Her parents had different views about her career. On one hand, her mother wanted her to be a big star whereas, on the other hand, her father didn’t like this idea.

But as she was destined to be in cinema, she made her name from films. Career: Sharada started her career as early as when she was just 13. That was when she first appeared in a Telugu film. She appeared as a lead actress in various Malayalam films. Murapennu (1965) is one of the legendary films, and the songs are still remembered. Sakunthala is also one such movie. With various blockbusters and super hit films, Sharada made her name from Telegu and Malayalam movies and is still respected as an eminent personality by all. Other films of her include Mooladhanam, Inapravukal and more which were a hit. Her characters in the movie were such which were very detailed and mostly depicted the pain, and she also portrayed them well as she was facing many problems in life. Awards: Some of Sharada’s prestigious awards include 1966 ‘Best Actress’ award for Iruttinte Athmavu. Again in 1969, she received ‘National Best Actress Award’ for Malayalam film, ‘ Thulabharam It is one of the most liked Malayalam TV Serial wh >> Read More... Thulabharam ’. In 1970, she got, ‘Kerala Government Best Actress Award’ for the film, ‘ Thiruvonam Click to look into! >> Read More... Thiruvonam ’. Later in 1972, she yet made it and received ‘National Best Actress Award’ for Malayalam film ' Swayamvaram Swayamvaram is a dubbed version of the Sanjay Leel >> Read More... Swayamvaram '. In 1977, she got two awards. One as ‘National Best Actress Award’ for Telugu film, 'Nimajjanam' and another one was ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from Film fare. In 2010, it was prestigious ‘NTR National Award’ which she received.

Another Version Bio :

Sharada is a veteran Indian actress and senior politician who has won many prestigious awards like National Award for her stunning portrayal in trademark cinemas. She earned success and fame through Telugu cinema and Malayalam cinema. She has acted in more than 120 films in both Telugu and Malayalam cinema. She also did a few roles in Tamil and Kannada films. She was born on 25th June, 1945 at Tenali, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The government of Andhra Pradesh has also awarded her with the NTR National Award. Sharada was born to Venkateswara Rao and Satyavathi Devi who belonged to a peasant family. Mohan Rao is the brother of Sharada. Since her family was facing financial issues, her grandmother Kanakamma used to care of Sharada in Madras. Sharada had a strict but memorable childhood with her grandmother. She recalls a memory of her grandmother as a "severe formalist" who in the latter days made an exception for male stars by not letting them touch her granddaughter and allowed practice sessions only on Sundays during her cinematic era.

Sharada was evoked to brush up her dancing skills at the age of six because of her mother's desire that her daughter should learn to dance. Sharda's mother always dreamt of her daughter to become a big star in the cine field. Though Sharada's father was not interested in the idea, he did not discourage her. After having remarkable cinematic achievements, Sharada got married to Telugu actor Chalam, but the couple later got divorced. At present, since she is divorced with no children, she lives with her brother Mohan Rao and takes care of his children. During her grown-up stages, she started to act in Telugu theatre. She entered the Telugu industry with a trivial character in the film Kanyasulkam. She moved back to the theatre and just after that she did a leading role in the Rakta Kanneeru; a Telugu remade Tamil drama. It was staged in many screens attracting the audiences over a wide range. It was in the year 1959; a new chapter of her career was started. Later, change in name did happen as there are many actors in the industry with a similar name.

Eventually, a contract was signed by her for L.V. Prasad; a Telugu producer. Even though she didn't get a chance to act in any of his films, she obtained her credential remark in acting in his acting school. She also got hold of Navarasa elements in acting during her schooling. She considerably featured her portrayals and raised in the possibilities to this training. She received her first hit with the Akkineni Nageswara Rao starring in Iddaru Mitrulu, which was a hefty hit. She was noted for the role in the film and fetched plenty of chances from Tamil, Malayalam, and other language films. The turning point of her happened in the year 1965 as Sharada sculptured her own cinema career in the Malayalam cinema industry with her back to back performances in various Malayalam films like Udhyogastha, Shakuntala, Murappennu, Inapravukal, and Kattu Thulasi. After that, she started to focus on Malayalam films.

While starring in Malayalam films, she acted only a few roles in other languages. She caught public eye in 1967 with an honorable national award for her performances in various films of the previous year which included Iruttinte Athmavu. In the year1969, she received her dream award which was the first National Film Award for Best Actress for her movie Thulabharam. She proceeded to win the award two more times, for her role in Swayamvaram and Nimajjanam. Along with that, she also collected the Kerala State Film Awards for Best Actress. After that in the year 1993, she became selective with her script and committed for only a few films. After some choosy performances, she entered politics. She was elected as a Member of Parliament on Telugu Desam Party ticket from her native town of Tenali. Even though she had a successful cinematic career, she was not successful in the political career. Currently, after 15 years, Sharada has returned to the silver screen with 'Beyond the Clouds.’