Top 10 Malayalam Movies That Were Remade In Hindi

Top 10 Malayalam Movies That Were Remade In Hindi Malayalam Article

1. Bhool Bhulaiyaa: Manichitrathazhu

It was a bold move from the Malayalam director 'Priyadarshan' to take a remake of all time Malayalam hit movie "Manichitrathazhu” in Hindi. The movie was a decent hit in Hindi but wasn’t even close to the original movie.

2. Billu Barber: Kadha Parayumbol

“Kadha Parayumbol” was a big hit in Malayalam and created a wave among the film fans. Malayalam director Priyadarshan created a remake in Hindi on seeing its success in Malayalam and created a decent hit. But just like “Manichitrathazhu”, “Kadha Parayumbol” was the best movie when compared to the Hindi remake.

3. Bodyguard: "Bodyguard Malayalam"

Malayalam director 'Siddique Director' created a big hit film “Bodyguard” in Malayalam, and he made a remake of the same story in Hindi with the same name, and it was a big hit in Bollywood. It was director Siddique’s first venture in Hindi, and the Hindi version was better than the Malayalam version.

4. Chup Chup Ke: Punjabi House

It is another Priyadarshan film in Bollywood. It was the remake of the very famous and successful Malayalam movie “Punjabi House.” The original piece was far better than the Bollywood version and the Hindi film didn't have much success at the box office.

5. Dhol: In Harihar Nagar

Yet another Priyadarshan copy of a well-known hit film in Malayalam. “In Harihar Nagar” was a big hit in Malayalam film industry. Priyadarshan remade this movie as “Dhol” in Hindi in the year 2007.

6. Garam Masala: Boeing Boeing

“Boeing Boeing” was a remake of the English film of the same name in Malayalam. Priyadarshan directed this film in Malayalam back in the 90’s. He then went on to make the Bollywood version in the year 2007. The name of the movie was “Garam Masala.” It was a decent movie in Hindi.

7. Golmaal: Kakkakuyil

Rohit Shetty directed “Golmaal: Fun Unlimited” was the Hindi remake of the Malayalam movie “Kakka Kuyil.” It was directed by Priyadarshan in Malayalam. The Hindi version was a success at the box office.

8. Hera Pheri: Ramji Rao Speaking

“Hera Pheri” is a 2000 film which was a comedy film. It is one of the best comedy films in Hindi ever made. It was directed by Priyadarshan in Hindi, and it was the remake of a very well- known Malayalam movie, “Ramji Rao Speaking.”

9. Khatta Meetha: Vellanakalude Naadu

Another Priyadarshan movie into the list. “Khatta Meetha” is a remake of the Malayalam movie “Vellanakalude Naadu.” Akshay Kumar played the character role in the Hindi version.

10. Muskurahat: Kilukkam

It is a 1992 film, directed by Priyadarshan in Hindi. It was a remake of the Malayalam hit film “Kilukkam” directed by Priyadarshan. Mohanlal starred in the Malayalam version. The film had won a Filmfare award for best cinematography.