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Chup Chup Ke Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

This is the one of the most comedic scene from the one of the most comedic movie chup-chup-ke. It’s started with the place in Calcutta where fishes are brought from the sea and sold. Ompuri (Prabhat Singh Chohan) who is a rich Gujarati businessman came to the place with full of anger looking for gundeya bhao (Paresh Rawal) who is the owner of a boat but having 2.75 lakh of OmPuri in his pocket and his intentions not good.

Two workers who are working there after watching ompuri start making fun of his moustache on his face without knowing that this Gujju is very well known with the Hindi as well as Bengali. Paresh Rawal started hiding after seeing ompuri standing on his chest but suddenly he heard that his boat is coming first from the sea and then he suddenly stand up in joy with the big chest in front of ompuri and started explaining him and putting him in a confusion that the boat which comes first will get the prize of 1.5lakh and who comes first will go first and tomorrow again comes first and win the prize in total its 3 lakh which he will going to give him which he has not given yet but still he started demanding the rest 25000 which was going to left in his pocket from ompuri and started shouting at him and telling him your money is money what about mine. The scene is full of comedy and can give you a stomach ache.