Top 10 Producers In Sandalwood Kannada Article

Anything needs money in this world now. Even the most basic commodity water, is chargeable. Obviously, a movie needs a large amount of money to attract the audience. Moreover, to make it more interesting, the places for the shoot are selected such that it will be the costliest. Therefore, there is a need of a producer who can invest cash on a movie. Here is a list of top producers of the Kannada Film Industries.

1. S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu is an acclaimed screenwr >> Read More... Rajendra Singh Babu

Rajendra Singh Babu is a famous director in Sandalwood. He is even famous as a producer. Hailing from a producing background family, Rajendra Singh Babu was successful in continuing his father’s profession. He entered Sandalwood in the year 1975 through the movie “Nagakanye” and it was his debut as a director, screenplay writer and a producer all together.


2. K. C. N. Gowda

Gowda was born in the year 1928 in Doddaballapur. He was a famous businessman, a producer, and a distributor. He has the credit of producing over three hundred films in which most of them were blockbuster hits in the box-office. The unforgettable movies which he has produced include Sharapanjara, Babruvahana, and others.


3. Hunsur Krishnamurthy Hunsur Krishnamurthy is a multi-faceted film perso >> Read More... Hunsur Krishnamurthy


Hunsur Krishnamurthy was born on 9th February 1914 in Hunsur. He was a playwright in the theater before entering the film industry. He entered Sandalwood as a screenwriter through the movie “Hemareddy Mallamma” in the year 1945. He debuted as a producer in the year 1950 through “ Shiva Parvathi Shiva Parvathi is a well-known actress in Telugu. >> Read More... Shiva Parvathi ”.

4. Parvathamma Rajkumar Parvathamma Rajkumar is an Indian Film Producer an >> Read More... Parvathamma Rajkumar


Parvathamma was born on 6th December 1939 in Mysore. She was the wife of Dr.Rajkumar, the God of Sandalwood. She has produced many films featuring her husband and her sons. She has won many awards. She entered Sandalwood through the movie “Trimurthi” as a producer which starred her husband.


5. B. V. Radha

Radha is one of the oldest and famous actresses of Sandalwood. She was born in the year 1948. She debuted as an actress in the Sandalwood through the movie “Navakoti Narayana” in the year 1964. She married K.S.L.Swamy, a director and an actor. She has produced many of her films.


6. KSL Swamy K.S.L. Swamy, Full name Kikkeri Shamanna Lakshmina >> Read More... KSL Swamy


K.S.L.Swamy is a well-established name in the South Indian Film Industry. He entered the industry as a director and then further became an actor, producer, and a playback singer. He debuted as a director through the movie “Thoogudeepa” in the year 1966. He has even won many awards.

7. N. Veeraswamy

N. Veeraswamy was a famous film producer and a distributor. He has produced a total number of seventeen films in Kannada and one Hindi film. His debut movie as a producer was “Kula Gaurava” in the year 1971. He has even produced one Tamil movie.

8. V. Ravichandran

Ravichandran is one of the sons of the famous producer in Sandalwood, Veeraswamy. Ravichandran has been a very successful actor and is famous as “ Krazy Star Click to look into! >> Read More... Krazy Star ” in Sandalwood. He also continues his father’s profession, a producer. He has produced many films in Sandalwood.

9. Arjun Sarja Arjun Sarja was born as Srinivasa Sarja. He is an >> Read More... Arjun Sarja

Arjun Sarja, known as the “Action King” in Sandalwood, is a successful actor. He entered film industry when he was nineteen years through the movie “Simhada Mari Sainya”. He has produced many of his films too.


Venkatesh started producing through the movie “Belli Modagalu” in the year 1992. He produced under the banner Rockline productions and now it has become a brand name in the Sandalwood. He has produced many blockbuster movies in Sandalwood.