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K. C. N. Gowda

Other names of K. C. N. Gowda: K. C. Nanjunde Gowda, Konenahalli Chowdaiah Nanjunde Gowda
Kannada Producer K. C. N. Gowda
  • DOB : 1928
  • Date of death: 04-10-2012
  • Lived For : 83 Years
  • Gender : Male
Written By - Team Nettv4u

K. C. N. Gowda whose full name is “Konenahalli Chowdaiah Nanjunde Gowda” was an Indian film producer in the Kannada Film Industry. He was also a businessman, and one of the top exhibitors, financiers and a distributor. He was born in 1928 in Konenhalli village of Doddaballapura, Karnataka and died on 4 October 2012 in Bangalore, Karnataka at the age of 84 due to some illness.

His parents were ‘Chowdaiah’ and ‘Mudamma’ and he was the eldest among the six of his siblings. He has two sons named K. C. N. Chandrashekhar and K. C. N. Mohan who are also Kannada film producers. His daughter-in-law is Poornima Mohan. Since childhood, he had no interest in studies. Later he entered into the business of silk farming which gave him good results plus success.

He afterward also started to construct film theatres such as Navrang theatre situated in Bangalore, Rajkamal theatre placed in Doddaballapur, and Urvashi theatre in Bangalore. He was the starter of the Kannada film banner called “KCN Movies” and the distributor of more than 300 films such as “Beli Moda” which made under the direction of S. R. PuttannaKanagal, etc.

He produced many classic Kannada films such as Sharapanjara, DaariThappida Maga, BangaradaManushya, Babruvahana, BangaradaPanjara, and many other pictures too. His contribution also appeared in the films named Nammura Raja, Jayasimha, HuliHavinaMevu, Bhakta Siriyala, RangaNayaki, AanadhiAppanna, AntimaTeerpu, DhariThappida Maga, Namma Samsara, ThayiDevaru, and Doorada Betta, etc.

He won a number of awards during his lifetimes such as Phalke Academy award in 2005, Dr. Rajkumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... award, and Karnataka Film Directors Association award. His first Kannada film as a producer was “ Bhale Jodi Radaan TV is a leading Telugu Television channel o >> Read More... ” in which “Rajkumar” is in a double role. T. K. Rama Rao’s film “BangaradhaManushya” was his first challenge. It got displayed in the States Theatre Bangalore for two consecutive years.

His film Sharapanjara became a silver jubilee film. He produced a variety of films such as social, historical, mythological, and stories full of entertainment too. He gave many new celebrity faces to the Kannada industry. He also recreated many of his black and white films in colored forms using 3D technology some of which were Satya Harishchandra, KasthutiNivasa, Veera Kesari, KaviratnaKalidasa, and Babruvahana. His family had made a remarkable name in the Kannada film industry. According to his words, failures are the stepping stones to success.


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