Top 10 Highest-Grossing Movies In Sandalwood

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Movies In Sandalwood Kannada Article

There are a huge number of movies which have their budgets at the peak, but all movies won’t collect enough money. Only if the story is good and is well reached to the audience, the movie will be a box-office hit. Here is a list of movies which were successful in having a wider reach to the audiences. 

1. Mungaru Male

Mungaru Male, directed by Yograj Bhat, was released on 29th December 2006. It is one of the highest-grossing movie in Sandalwood. The music of Manomurthy was splendid and Krishna's cinematography is an added advantage of the movie. Pooja Gandhi Pooja Gandhi is a famous actress in the Kannada fi >> Read More... Pooja Gandhi was a relatively unknown face to Sandalwood at the time of signing the flick. Even Ganesh, who was famous for his comedy show, got the much-required success in silver screen.The movie had a heart-warming and pure family-oriented tag attached to it and this worked in favor of it. The flick was bankrolled by E Krishnappa and helmed by Yogaraj Bhat Yogaraj Bhat was born on 8th October, 1973 in Mand >> Read More... Yogaraj Bhat .


2. ‘ Milana Milana is being telecast on Suvarna TV at 10:00pm >> Read More... Milana

Milana, directed by Prakash, was released on 17th September 2007. It had a budget of Rupees 5 crores and collected an amount of Rupees 56 crores. It was a hit nationwide. Puneeth's performance was widely appreciated and he went on to received the Karnataka State Award for the Best Actor in the film. Though the film's plot was a mix of many successful commerical films, the movie was like a whiz of fresh air in terms of narration.


3. Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari


Directed by Santhosh Ananddaram, was released on 25th December 2014. It has collected an amount of Rupees 50 crores in the box office and has found the third place in the highest-grossing movies in Sandalwood.The movie was directed by first time director Santhosh Anandram and bankrolled by Jayanna. Yash and Radhika Pandit Radhika Pandit another example of a home grown act >> Read More... Radhika Pandit teamed up for the third time in the flick. The movie had no sign of a fresh direction and it has an innovative and quality premise. Yash playing Vishnuvardhan's big fan was another element that worked in favor of the flick. The technical aspects of this romantic flick weere also appealing. And not to miss the music which was a huge success.

4. Uppi 2


Uppi 2, directed by Upendra, was released on 14th August 2015. It had a budget of Rupees 5 crores and collected a gross amount of Rupees 40 crores worldwide. It was one of Upendra’s super hit movies.What more than the star could ask for"; the movie was decided as the highest rated flick in the world in 2015 by IMDb.It garnered a rating of 9.7/10.


5. ‘Manikya’

Manikya, directed by Sudeep, was released on 1st May 2014. It had a budget of Rupees 20 crores, collected a net amount of 43.5 crores at the box-office nationwide. Starring Sudeep and Ravichandran, it was a blockbuster hit and is one of the costliest movies of Sandalwood. The fact that Ravichandran played Sudeep's father was one of the highlights of the movie. The music of Arjun Janya Arjun Janya is an Indian singer and music composer >> Read More... Arjun Janya was also a great hit. This remake of Telugu hit Mirchi


6. Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna


Sangolli Rayanna, directed by Naganna, was released on 1st November 2012. It had the highest budget ever in Sandalwood of Rupees 30 crores and collected an amount of Rupees 40 crores.

7. ‘ Super Click to look into! >> Read More... Super

Super, directed by Upendra, was released on 3rd December 2010. It had a budget of Rupees 5 crores and collected an amount of Rupees 30 crores at the box-office. Sudeep and Nayantara were part of this flick that revolves around futuristic India adn the present India.

8. ‘ Jackie Click to look into! >> Read More... Jackie

Jackie, directed by Duniya Suri, was released on 14th October 2010. It had a budget of Rupees 7 crores and collected an amount of Rupees 23 crores in the box office. Starring Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead role, it was a nationwide hit.The film had gained great success due to its technical competency, lyrics and dialogues, Director Soori's rustic feel was seen throughout the flick.

9. ‘ Rangitaranga Click to look into! >> Read More... Rangitaranga

Rangitaranga, directed by a newcomer Anup Bhandari Anup is one of the most talented people that we ca >> Read More... Anup Bhandari , was released on 3rd July 2015. It had a budget of Rupees 1.5 crores and collected an amount of Rupees 20 crores at the box-office. This created a record as this is the first film, which was debut for many artists became a super-hit worldwide.

10. ‘Dandupalya’

Dandupalya, directed by Srinivasa Raju Although Srinivasa Raju is an Andhra descendant, h >> Read More... Srinivasa Raju , was released on 29th June 2012. It had a budget of Rupees 3 crores and collection amount of Rupees 5 crore at the box-office. This movie is based on the real life gang “Dandupalya”. Pooja Gandhi's bold sequences and the content were regarded as the attractions of the flick. It didn't have any superstar still it became a commercial success.