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Anup is one of the most talented people that we can count in the Kannada cinema. He has commendable skills in almost all branches and processes of filmmaking. Apart from writing and direction of music, Anup is also a lyricist and a singer. Not just this, he is also a wonderful film director. 

Anup was born in the city of Mangaluru. He moved out of his birthplace and gained his education in the city of Mysore. Anup was initially interested in doing Software Engineering. During his education at the college, he kept making short films for the various competitions that were held in the college and outside of it.

Before Anup stepped into real-time filmmaking he also had  some work experience in the United States of America. Anup had developed his interest in filmmaking over time and the most credit that can be given to this evocation of interest will be to the various world movies that he used to watch and admire during his growing years.

Anup is credited to have done some really remarkable job of making short movies. One movie that is worth mentioning here is named ‘Words’. It also had Hollywood actress named Russell Harvard starring in it. This short movie was originally about a love story of a deaf guy and a girl.

Anup made his debut as a film director with a critically acclaimed movie named Rangitaranga, which was essentially a mystery thriller. He had his brother Nirup as the main lead in the movie. Not just a director, Anup was also the lyricist and music composer of the movie. For his future ventures, he has four films to direct and compose songs for. They will be a romcom, a thriller and a comedy.


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