Although Srinivasa Raju is an Andhra descendant, he left Tollywood and earned fame and popularity for directing few well-known Kannada movies such as ‘Sangathi’ (2008), ‘Kote’ (2011), ‘Nannavanu’ (2010) and ‘ Dandupalya’ (2012). His first film ‘Sangathi' was a bad effort ffom him, except that the film had the best songs and a few good action scenes. The film boasted of good cinematography too.

The director did not keep close attention on the script and narration and the film suffered a lot in the right execution. It could be that the debutant director Srinivasa Raju was a novice then. But his interest in film direction was closely watched and the viewers liked the film although the critics panned it. His next effort was directing a movie ‘Nannavanu’ (2010) which was produced by Thulasi Gopal. The film received a negative response from viewers and critics and it had actors like Prajwal Devaraj, Aindrita Ray and ‘ Avinash’ in pivotal roles.

But his third effort proved luckier for him. ‘Kote’ was a triangular love story produced by ‘ Manjunath’ and GN Murthy. It had again Prajwal Devaraj in the lead male cast along with the talented new actress Gayatri Rao. The film received mixed reviews. His fourth film 'Dandupalya' in Kannada language in the year 2012 received both commercial and critical acclaim and joined the club of the highest revenue making movies in 2012.

After the success of the Kannada version, the film was dubbed in three south Indian languages such as 'Dandupalyam' (Telugu), 'Karimedu' (Tamil) and ‘Kuruthikalam’ (Malayalam). After directing a series of Kannada movies, the director landed up in a controversy in retaining the title of a film for stars ‘Upendra’ and ‘ Ragini’. His first title of the movie was ‘Bsavanna’ which was changed to ‘ Brahmana’. It may be noted that Kannada superhit movie ‘ Shivam’ (2015) is being dubbed now in Telugu with title ‘Brahmana’. ‘Shivam’ was a 2015 Kannada action thriller film, written and directed by Srinivasa Raju.

Srinivas Gavireddy Telugu Actor

Srinivas Gavireddy

Scriptwriter and director Srinivas Gavireddy will remain in the forefront of Telugu film industry for directing the newly released film 'Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu' which is produced by S Sailendra Babu, Sridhar Reddy, and Harish Duggishetti. The film features Raj Tarun and Arthana Binu in lead roles. It is a love story where the actor wants to impress the girl and the heroine rejects him till the first half of the movie, later the hero succeeds in winning the heart of the heroine. Such story has been told umpteen times. But the writer has stretched the story unnecessarily so long with some twist that the hero has to face some challenges to overcome his love barrier. This angle of narrative concept should have been focused earlier in the plot of the movie so that the director did not end the film hurriedly. It was a flaw in the film and viewers felt there was no logic to throw those challenges faced by the hero at the last moment. Otherwise, the acting concept in the film was okay. Actor Tarun is impressive throughout the movie although such characters are typecast images of our Tollywood or Kollywood heroes. But Tarun’s clear understanding with the character and smooth mannerisms helped to retain the interest of viewers by and large. As a debutant director, Srinivas Gavireddy had shown the technical concepts of the movie very well. The camera work, locales, music were really pleasing for the viewers. The drawback was the concept of the movie which was bit old-fashioned as the director has written the story in a very simple manner. It is believed that Srinivas Gavireddy has worked as a script writer in Telugu movies earlier and one of his films was ‘Garam’ which was directed by ‘Madan’ and released in February 2016. It was a story of a youth who faces criticism from his father for being poor in studies and remaining jobless. This role was performed by the lead actor. At the end as the hero challenges his father in seeking a job in order to prove his dad that he is not an under-performer, he falls for the heroine. Srinivas Gavireddy knows the pulse of the viewers of Tollywood. He knows that viewers will always like a simple love story told in a routine manner. In addition, good music, colorful locations and good chemistry of hero-heroine is always an easy task for the director to woo the audiences’ heart. Hence Srinivas Govireddy had been visualizing about the movie 'Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu' while the film ‘Graam’ was in process and kept updating Tarun about it. Srinivas has worked as an associate director with writer-director Madan when films like 'Pravarakhyudu', 'Nagaram' etc were being made. He had learnt the art of scriptwriting from Madan and later, he wrote the dialogues and script for ‘Garam’ which was directed by Madan. It is said that the director was inspired to move into the film industry after he watched Puri Jagannadh’s ‘Badri’ and ‘Idiot’. After 12-years of long struggle in the industry, he finally met with his success, by becoming a director and a writer with Tarun’s newly released film.