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Top 10 Artists Who Went From Small Screen To Big Screen

Top 10 Artists Who Went From Small Screen To Big Screen Kannada Article

Small screen, as we all know, is a great stepping stone to big screen. It has given opportunities to many people who were thirsty for becoming an artist. Many people have taken the right path to enter big screen. There are many people who have been successful. But, there are people who haven’t been successful too. The right way and the right mentality is the only way to be successful. Here is a list of artists who took the right path to enter big screen.

1. Malavika Avinash

Malavika is a well-known actress in Sandalwood. She was a television artist before entering the Sandalwood. Her husband, Avinash, is a popular actor. She entered the Television industry through the well-known serial “Mayamruga”, directed by T.N.Seetharam. She then debuted through the movie “Krishnaavatar” in the year 1988.

2. Ramesh Aravind

Ramesh, the famous South Indian actor, started off his career with Television Industry. He was born on 10th September 1964. Ramesh and Tamil actor Kamal Hassan duo is very famous among South India. He has grown to be one of the most famous actors in the Kannada Film Industry.

3. Radhika Pandit

The most desired actress in Sandalwood presently, Radhika Pandit, started her career through Television. She debuted through the serial “Nandagokula”. She became a very big star after her role in the movie “Moggina Manasu”. She is presently the most desired actress in the Sandalwood.

4. Sunil Raoh

Sunil is the son of the great singer, B.K.Sumitra. He is also an amazing singer. He got more fame through his serial “Manvantara” which gave him opportunity to enter the Sandalwood. He is presently not seen in any movies or serials but was one among the most successful actors of his time.

5. Jayashree

Jayashree started her career through serials. She has even modeled for many commercials. She got many opportunities as she showcased her talent beautifully on the small screen. She acts in both small screen and big screen presently.

6. Karthik Jayaram

Karthik, popularly known as JK entered the Industry through the famous serial “Ashwini Nakshatra” where he played the role of a super star JK. He has done engineering and is now working with films and serials. He has been successful till now. The audiences are waiting for his next film or serial.

7. Ganesh

Ganesh started as an anchor for a comedy show in the Kannada Television. He debuted in the lead role through the movie “Chellata” in the year 2006 which was a blockbuster hit. He got most of his fame from the movie “Mungaru Male” in the same year. He is now presenting a game show “Super Minute”.

8. Meghana Gaonkar

Meghana, an actress as we all know, started her career by anchoring many dance shows and other shows on the Kannada Television. She started her film career through the movie “Nam Areali Ondina” in the year 2010. She is well-known for her dancing skills.

9. Mayuri

Mayuri is famous for her role “Ashwini” in the serial “Ashwini Nakshatra” opposite Karthik Jayram. She debuted through the movie “Krishna Leela” in the year 2015. She has got appreciation for her roles in her movies and the serial.

10. Vijay Suriya

Vijay, mostly known by his role name Sidharth, is the most desirable serial actor presently. He entered Television Industry through the serial “Agnisakshi” opposite Vaishnavi. He had assumed supportive roles in some movies. Now, he has performed in the lead role in the movie “Ishtakamya” which has got a good response from the audience.


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