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Other names of Sunil Raoh: Sunil Rao
Kannada Movie Actor Sunil Raoh
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Sunil Raoh is a Kannada film actor, singer and lyricist. He also gave many performances, in several movies, as a child artist. Sunil was born on the 4th of September, in the year 1980. He studied at National College, Jayanagar, Bangalore. His mother is B.K. Sumitra, a well-known Sugama Sangeetha singer.

His sister is the well-established playback singer, Sowmya Raoh Sowmya Raoh was born in the year 1979 in Bangalore >> Read More... . He aspired to be a playback singer too, but he ended up taking acting jobs after getting many offers as a child. He was a child actor in the films, Kendada Male and Elu Suttina Kote. He acted in many daily series too, such as Saadhane, Janani and Chaduranga. He gained a lot of fame, in his 2003 Hindi-English film, “Freaky Chakra”.

Another Version

Sunil Raoh is an Indian actor in the Kannada film industry. Also, he is a seasoned lyricist and singer who has performed for some Kannada film songs. He was born on September 4, 1978. Sunil Raoh’s place of birth is Karnataka, India. He has completed his school education at Karnataka Public School, Karnataka. His father, ML Sudhakar worked in the Reserve Bank of India and died on April 17, 2019, due to cardiac arrest. His mother is a famous playback & devotional singer in Kannada. His sister has performed in many films in different languages. He married Shreya Iyer Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , who is an engineer. He has a son named Atharva Raoh. Sunil Raoh was initially interested in playback singing and aspired to enter in the film industry. However, he changed his path towards acting. He began his career as a child artiste in 1987. Therefore, he worked as a child artist for two films. In 1991, he appeared as a child artist in two films such as “Shanti Kranti” and “Readymade Ganda.” In 1992, he starred as Anand (child artist) in a Kannada romantic drama film, "Mysore Jaana,” directed by A. T. Raghu. He appeared in some soap operas, including Janani, Punarjanam, B. Suresh’s Sadhane, and T. N. Seetharam’s Manvantara & Bhageerathi. Sunil Raoh starred as the grandson of Bharathi Vishnuvardhan’s character in the film Janani. Sunil Raoh started his film career acting in a few non-significant character roles in films like “Chitra” and “Panchaalee." In 2003, he played the role of a teenage lover as Vivek in Kavita Lankesh’s directorial “Preethi Prema Pranaya” opposite Anu Prabhakar Her mother Gayathri Prabhakar, the dubbing artist >> Read More... . The same year, he appeared in the Kannada romantic drama film "Excuse Me," directed by Prem. In the film, he played the anti-hero character of Sunil alongside Ramya and Ajay Rao Ajay Rao is an Indian Film actor primarily working >> Read More... . In 2005, he was cast in a series of unsuccessful films like Masala, Sakha Sakhi, and Chappale. In 2006, Sunil Raoh was featured in a critically acclaimed film "Belli Betta,” directed by Shivraj Hoskere. The same year, he made a guest appearance in the Kannada romantic drama film "Jackpot," directed by Niranjan. In the movie, he also worked as a playback singer for the song "Baa O Preethi Baa.”

In 2010, Sunil Raoh appeared in two films such as “Minugu” (as Aditya) and “Premism” (as Prasanna). In 2022, he made a cameo appearance in the Kannada romantic comedy film "Old Monk," written & directed by M. G. Srinivas. In the film, he portrayed the role of Krishna. The same year, he starred as Vikram in a Kannada Fantasy-drama film “Thurthu Nirgamana,” directed by Hemanth Kumar Hemanth Kumar is an Indian playback singer, popula >> Read More... . In 2017, Sunil Raoh made his debut in the First Kannada web series, " Loose Connection “Loose Connection” is a Kannada comedy TV series c >> Read More... ." He was honored with the “Roopakala Belli Kanmani Award” as a “Naada Shreshta Kalavida” from the “Roopakala Utsava-25” linked with the Karnataka State in 2011.

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