Vijay Suriya Kannada Actor

Vijay Suriya is a well known ramp model in Karnataka. His close association with Prasad Bidappa did not go unnoticed and very soon in 2103 he was offered a role in the Kannada serial Agnisakshi. In this he played a role of a businessman who is unhappy with his marriage. The actor became famous overnight due to his good looks and sensitive acting. The serial also opened with a high TRP rating much to Vijay’s delight.

Earlier to his television debut Vijay had acted in the Kannada movie which did not give him the success that he deserved .He believes television is a medium which will give him a better reach and better response from the audience.

The actor has also acted in an important role in another Kannada serial Lakshmi Baramma. 

Vijay has also acted in a short documentary film called Aramagal which got nominated for the Dada Saheb Phalke festival in 2014.The actor has participated in some reality shows like Serial Santhe. The actor has won an award for best debut for his serial Agnisakshi proving his popularity.

The young actor like sports and prefers to be outdoors rather than partying. The actor has a huge following with the actor having his presence on Facebook, Mysnapp book and Twitter.

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