Our Favorite Kannada Actors And Their Nicknames

Our Favorite Kannada Actors And Their Nicknames  Kannada Article

The film industry is an interesting world. We get so attached to our favorite celebrities that as a token of our love we give them fancy names. Sandalwood has also followed this practice of calling our favourite superstars by cute nicknames. Let’s take a look at some of the nicknames given to our Sandalwood stars.

Hat-trick Star Shiva Rajkumar

This star surely deserves this coveted title. As the title suggests, Shivanna has delivered three back-to-back hits on two different occasions in his career. He is still going strong and is one of the few commercially successful stars of Sandalwood.

Crazy Star Ravichandran

Well, let’s not bother too much about the origin of this name but take it in a lighter sense. Perhaps he acquired this name owing to his many talents as an artist. He performs acting, script writing, directing and music composition with great fervor.

Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar

Why is this talented star called the ‘power’ star? Well, he delivers power-packed performances in his films and so this title has become a part of his name. Whether his movies are a hit or a miss, this star is surely a force to reckon with in Sandalwood. 

Challenging Star Darshan

​Darshan is one Sandalwood hero whose films keenly attract the masses. He can don on any role with panache, and hence, the title of “Challenging star” is befitting for him.

Real Star Upendra

Upendra's movies depict the reality of life in its purest sense. That’s why he has been given this fancy title. 

Golden Star Ganesh

Ganesh, who previously worked in television projects, sprinted to success on the big screen in a short span of time; and then there was no looking back for this talented and jovial actor.

Rocking Star Yash

Yash is the most ‘happening’ star of Sandalwood, as is evident from his rocking appeal to the youth.

Well, are there any other Sandalwood stars whohave been given nicknames?