Top 20 Indian Personalities Who Are Down To Earth And Lead a Humble Life

Top 20 Indian Personalities Who Are Down To Earth And Lead a Humble Life Hindi Article

All the successful personalities that we come across have one thing in common - their politeness and humbleness. It is rightly said the more humble you are the more successful you become and the more people love you. Below are few personalities who are not only known due to their careers but also are inspiring ordinary people because of their down to earth behavior.

1. APJ Abdul Kalam

He is a man who needs an introduction. The missile man was known for his integrity and simple lifestyle. In spite of being the President of our country and being one of the best scientists of the world he was always rooted to the ground and was always warm to anyone who approached him. He never even owned a television and was in the habit of waking up of waking up by six-thirty in the morning and sleeping by two in the night. When it comes to the list of personalities being ground to earth and leading a humble life he definitely tops the list. Maybe one of the reasons behind this could be the not being from a very well to do background and so he knew that nothing should be taken for granted.


2. Sachin Tendulkar

He is considered as the 51st richest sportsperson in the Forbes list which states that he is the world’s highest paid sportspersons in the year 2013. In spite that we have never come across any tantrum or negative comment about Sachin Tendulkar Born in Dadar in Mumbai, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar i >> Read More... Sachin Tendulkar being rude with the public or showing off his stardom. All those who know him personally say that he is a very calm and patient person both on the field as well as off field and loves being down to earth. He has few principles and he religiously follows it. Once a very popular liquor company had approached him for doing their endorsement with a very handsome package he immediately rejected the offer without giving a second thought to it as he felt that it would misguide the youth and he is a responsible citizen of the country had to act morally.


3. Amitabh Bachan


He is not only a superstar but a person who has always been warm and humble to both the actors as well as the ordinary audience. He is one of the most punctual and disciplined actors of the industry. He is a philanthropist in the true sense as he supports causes and charity. Recently he traveled on a local train with the normal audience to spread awareness about cancer.

4. Aamir Khan Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is Bolly >> Read More... Aamir Khan


In spite of delivering best films to Indian Cinema and doing reality shows like Satyamev Jayate, we still know him for his humility and modesty. This not only Indians view but Oscar-winning Megan Mylan shares the same thought. While she had come to Bombay for her screening of the movie after my gardens she said she was bowled by Aamir's humility. Not only that his daughter travels by local train and recently in an interview, Aamir said that he gave his son an Eidi of Rs 2 as he does not want to spoil him in any way.


5. Narendra Modi Born on September 17, 1950, in Mehsana, Gujarat, N >> Read More... Narendra Modi

He is presently heading a population of 1.2 billion still manages to maintain his modesty and humility. Though he might act aggressively which is required in politics otherwise he is a person who leads a modest life. From spending time with his mother to speaking to entire India via Mann Ki Baat Mann Ki Baat is a TV show that airs on the channel >> Read More... Mann Ki Baat he is a perfect example for being ground to earth. Traveling with the normal audience in metros to meeting the workers in Doha personally is a very ordinary thing for him.


6. Rahul Dravid Born in Indore in 1973, Rahul Dravid had been a su >> Read More... Rahul Dravid


This 43-year-old former Indian cricketer and captain leaves the public awestruck all the time with his humility and being ordinary just like any other common person. The amount of generosity and the 0 show off factor inspires one and all immensely. From traveling in local buses, rickshaws to buying a gas connection on his own by personally going to the company. These gestures are enough to make one understand how humble and modest he is. Once he got to know that one of his fans was suffering from cancer and his wish was to meet him so Rahul Dravid skyped him for an hour. He truly is a legend in all forms.

7. Ranbir Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor is a noted Indian film actor. He was >> Read More... Ranbir Kapoor

He maybe the next Badshah Of Bollywood, but has no qualms about his star status.According to sources, Pope Francis is himself going to honour Ranbir Kapoor with highest saint gobin peace humanity award for his various quality such as humility, humbleness, soft-spoken approach and also his great contribution to humanity.People who know him personally say that he portrays similar behavior with both, director as well as the sports boy. During his movie Black, when he was just an assistant, e used to commute by public transport.

8. Saina Nehwal Badminton World Federation has marked her with the >> Read More... Saina Nehwal

This 25-year-old has a sea of accomplishments at such a young age. From winning the first Olympic medal in badminton for India to winning super series badminton tournament she too knows her roots and is has no arrogance at all. In an interview when asked about how she feels at achieving so many titles so she replied: “ there are more talented people than me, I have a lot to learn now”. We take pride in having such people representing our nation.


 Akshay Kumar is an another very disciplined actor of the industry. He is one superstar who always gives out the quality movie and has a huge fan following. In spite of this, he is rooted to the ground and practices humanity as much as possible. He is a firm believer of charity. Recently he gave Rs 1 crore for the Chennai flood relief. Akshay Kumar had personally apologized to his fan who was punched by one of his bouncers.

10. Ratan Tata

He definitely tops the list of being the best team leaders and humble person on this planet. He refused to work for IBM at new York and instead worked as the blue collar employee at TATA Steel. There are various instances that prove his humbleness but one of the most talked about the habit of his is, he sitting next to the driver whenever he is alone. Also, he had personally visited of all 80 employees who were affected during the 26/11.

11. M.S. Dhoni

Indian cricket team captain M.S Dhoni is cooler than ice. All his team mates along with the experts say that he can handle pressure with an immense degree of calmness. He is very much known for his humble behaviour too. He is a person who never lets his squad feel inferior to in any way. Also, he likes to keep his personal life low profile and does not like to showcase his stardom much.

12. Nana Patekar Nana Patekar is a popular Indian actor who was bor >> Read More... Nana Patekar

He is among one of the most underrated but most talented actors of this industry. He is very well known for his honesty and humbleness. He is the only actor who has won film fare award for best actor, best supporting actor and best villain. He has never lived the convention star life. He even served the Indian army during the Kargil war moving from post to post living with the jawans and cheering them up. In spite of having all the wealth, he still stays in a one BHK department in Mumbai with his mother.


13. Manohar Parrikar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Manohar Parrikar

This cabinet minister, unlike other politicians, likes to lead a very low profile life and his stories of being humble and down to earth are very famous in the streets of Panaji. While he was the CM of Goa he used to commute via his scooter. Along with that he never stayed up late in his office to do his personal work as he did not wanted the government to pay bills for his personal work. His humility did not go away even after becoming the defence minister as he was spotted recently in a wedding waiting patiently in a queue.

14. Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor also identifies as the name Shahid K >> Read More... Shahid Kapoor

In spite being a part of the star family, being so successful in bollywood this charming and cute actor has no airs about his stardom too. He believes in being down to earth and respects everyone who interacts with him. He is very warm to his fans and whenever he has the conversation with them he usually takes their name to develop a level of closeness and comfort with the public.

15. Kapil Sharma Kapil Sharma was born in a small town of Amritsa >> Read More... Kapil Sharma

This comedy king has won hearts all over the nation. Though he has a struggling period in the beginning, in the last five years he has gained tremendous popularity. In spite of that, he still is very polite to his entire crew as well as his fans. Presently he stays in a modest house in Oshimana, Adarshnagar, Mumbai and has no plan of shifting.

16. Azim Premji

CEO of WIPRO is another perfect example who believes in living a humble life and is very down to earth. He is known as the Bill Gates of India. He even advises the young entrepreneurs to stay humble and down to earth. When he is late for his work or when he needs to go somewhere urgently and his car is not available he takes the public transport without any hesitation.

17. Udit Narayan One of the famous playback singers of Indian Film >> Read More... Udit Narayan

He is a person with the melody in his voice and is humble at his gestures. He started his career in radio and later became a sensational voice of the country. He has a simple taste and likes to be low profile. He answers the phone himself and agrees to any interview. He gets moved by peace and greenery.


He is not only a perfect storyteller but his humbleness and politeness are also a major cause for his fan following. He has no air about himself and endorses a simple life. He does not like the idea of having bouncers all around him and loves talking to is a fan.

19. Siddharth Malhotra

Though he is one of the youngest and newest talents in the film industry he is very matured and practices lot of self-discipline. Sources close to him say that he takes his work very seriously and is very dedicated towards it. He is also a very down to earth and person and respects the feelings and opinions of every individual.

20. Dev Patel Dev Patel is a British actor, who saw his first gl >> Read More... Dev Patel

The Slumdog Millionaire star has gained so much in such a less time. He is not even part of the social networking sites. He says he likes being low maintenance. He believes in talking face to face rather than through these websites. Also, he has never let the quick fame move into his head. According to him, the credit of he being so grounded goes to is parents as they lead a very simple life.