Badminton World Federation has marked her with the first rank for her outstanding Badminton skills. Born to state level badminton parents Harvir Singh and Usha Rani, she has been passionate about the game since her childhood. Coming from Hisar district of Haryana, this little girl from Haryana received her primary training from S.M Arif and Nani Prasad in Hyderabad where they resided. As a child, she had also mastered herself in Karate. She had pursued her education in the schools in Hyderabad.

With age, she gained proficiency in the art of Badminton and made her way among the prime 16 candidates in Indian Satellite Tournament in 2006 as an under 19 candidate. Since, the beginning of her training, Nehwal has shown her keen interest in the games making her position both nationally and internationally. At a young age of 25 years, she has already bagged Indonesia Super Series organised in Jakarta in 2012, gold medal in 2010 Commonwealth Games and the bronze medal in Asian Games also in the year 2010.

She made the country proud by winning Bronze in the London Olympics of 2012. She has played roughly 444 games out of which she won around 316 of them. Currently holding the proud 2nd rank in the women’s singles category, this lady has added numerous feathers to her cap. Saina Nehwal has also been the receiver of Arjuna Award while her mentor and coach have been awarded the prestigious Dronacharya Award. Presently, Nehwal plays for Hyderabad in the Indian Badminton League and is acclaimed to have the potential to bag the Gold in the coming Olympics.

At present she is being coached under Pullela Gopichand, Saina is also serving as he brand ambassador of Sahara India. With rumours that Nehwal is engaged with a co-player in the air, the lady has made a prominent mark for herself in the history of World Badminton. She has been successfully ranked the 7th best player in the world.

Krushnaa Patil Hindi Actress

Krushnaa Patil

Krushnaa Patil belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra and is a pioneer Indian mountaineer. Her glory outshined when she climbed the earth’s highest peak, Mount Everest, at a young age of 19. To add to her beauty, she is the first civilian from Maharashtra to meet success at such young age. Many younger Mountaineers did achieve the same feat and even surpassed it, but her achievement still maintains the same charm as before. Krushnaa’s adventurous side did not limit to just Mount Everest. She went on to complete the Seven Summits in the year 2010. However, she was not able to finish the last summit out of the total Seven Summit on Mount McKinley due to technical glitches. This left her with seven incomplete summits. She got a lot of support from the government after climbing Mount Everest, and she proved her worth time and gain in the form of incredible spirit and courage. Before her, Dicky Dolma was the record holder to climb Mount Everest successfully. On 22 May 2010, Arjun Vajpai broke Krushnaa’s record. Interestingly, Krushnaa did not aim for mountaineering since childhood. She wanted to become a choreographer and performer. But then life took a dramatic turning point in her life, and she enrolled herself for the pre-Everest Expedition. Her parents were in constant support during the days of struggle and even took a loan to provide her the greatest opportunity of her life. After her grand success, things became easy, and money, prizes, and accolades flowed in that helped her to fund the journey to Antarctic and South American mountains. Patil lives with the spirit of sports and aims to climb many more peaks. Krushnaa did not stop at mountaineering and is also a part of the program that focuses on water conservation and access to the same to all around the world. Eight courageous women from six different continents came across to make this program a successful venture. Her other notable work towards society is being a motivational speaker. There are many awards credited to her. She received Rajiv Gandhi Puraskar in 2009. It was followed by Kesari Lokmanaya Tilak Felicitation and then later came Hirkani Puraskar. She was also awarded Indra Gandhi Puraskar in 2009. In the year 2010, Maharashtra Ratna and Today’s Youth Asia Award added to the prize list. Another Version... Krushnaa Patil is India's youngest mountaineer to climb Mt. Everest, which is the Earth's highest peak.  Other more inexperienced climbers later surpassed this feat of her. Her family vacation had always been on mountains, the places she has loved from childhood. But as a child, she was more passionate about dance than sports. In her school, she used to be a part of the contemporary dance team. She always wanted to be a choreographer as she loved to dance so much but mountaineering just came her way, and she grasped the opportunities. It made a huge turning point in her life when she went to Mt. Everest expedition. Her parents didn't get any sponsorship for her and had to fund her after taking massive loans to keep her going. She scaled the highest peak of the world on 21 May 2009 and became the second youngest woman after Dicky Dolma to climb Mt. Everest. Three people have broken this record after that, the youngest one to hold the record is Malavath Purna, who climbed Mt. Everest at the age of 13 years and 11 months.  Later, after her achieving the feat of being the youngest to climb, the Government provided her with lots of money, prizes and had also gained respect but this came only after she proved herself. Then she started funding for Antartic and South- America expeditions. She did not limit herself to climbing the highest peak; she went ahead to complete Seven Summits in 2010. But unfortunately due to some technical assistant she couldn't finish the last summit, Mount Mc Kinley.  Krushnaa is also a part of the programme which aims at water conservation and giving access to water in remote areas of the world. She is also a motivational speaker. She has also received many prestigious awards. In 2009, she received Rajiv Gandhi Puruskar Kesari Lokmanaya Tilak Felicitation followed by Hirkani Puraskar. Also in 2009, she was awarded Indra Gandhi Puraskar.  



Abyss is an American wrestler by profession. His real name is Christopher Joseph Park. He is signed with Impact wrestling as a wrestler and is also a member of the creative team. Park was born on October 4, 1973, in Washington, D.C. he joined high school in Cleveland, Ohio. He played football in his high school. He attended graduation from Ohio University. He played offensive tackle for the Bobcats and earned two degrees and a Post graduation in Sports administration. In Impact Wrestling originally known as TNA Wrestling, under the ring name, Abyss won the title of one time NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He was the only one among the two men to hold the winning title against the mask holder, Blue Demon, Jr. not only this, Abyss is the heaviest and the longest reigned champion holding the title of X Division Champion and television champion, respectively. He held the title in the tag team along with A. J. Styles in NWA World Tag Team Championship and once with Crazy Steve and Rosemary as Decay, and TNA World tag team Championship twice with Storm Storm as The Revolution. Abyss competed in the Triple Crown Championship, making him the fourth man to have fought for the title having won several other titles. He was also the second man to complete the Grand Slam Championship. Park wrestles as storyline brother/ split personality Joseph Park. he has remained with the company as a debutant in the year 2002. He is the longest-tenured personality of Impact wrestling roster. Abyss achieved Impact Hall of Fame by James Mitchell, his longtime manager. Chris Park was coached by Roger Ruffin of NWF (Northern Wrestling Federation). He won his first match due to disqualification. Chris was later discovered by Dutch Mantel for IWA Puerto Rico. In 2004, Park appeared in Ring of Honour to the stable Special Kas a bodyguard. Park, after a long-term in ring, initiated his role into more creative aspects of wrestling. According to him, not every player can be a good coach, and this is one of the reasons that he opted into the creative field. He shares his failures with his pupil more than his success. He learned his lessons from his mistakes, he knows what to do but more than that what not to do. He wishes to bring out the best of his students and make better legendary wrestlers in the future.

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