Top 10 Highly Paid Cricketers In India

Top 10 Highly Paid Cricketers In India Hindi Article

1. ‘ Sachin Tendulkar Born in Dadar in Mumbai, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar i >> Read More... Sachin Tendulkar ’ - $115 Million

He is measured as the Spirit of Cricket and is doubtlessly the most admired cricketer on the planet. Apart from status, he is also calculated as one of the furthermost in the sport. He has lately withdrawn from the game in 2012 but his existence can still be felt. He was in recent times seen in the launch of All Stars T20 association in USA which he has integrated along with Australian cricketer Shane Warne Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shane Warne . His net value is $115 million and he too owns Kerala Blasters, a football squad in the ISL.

2. ‘ Mahendra Singh Dhoni Mahendra Singh Dhoni Ak MS Dhoni or Dhoni was born >> Read More... Mahendra Singh Dhoni ’ - $100 Million


The Indian Captain of the ODI and T20 teams is subsequent on the list. He is definitely one of the most well-liked cricketers in the world. The most victorious leader of all layouts for India, MS Dhoni has $100 million of net merit. He is still in performance and is predicted to rise even more in coming outlook.

3. ‘ Sourav Ganguly Sourav Ganguly, a man with honor who has made Indi >> Read More... Sourav Ganguly ’ – $55.5 Million


The previous skipper of India, Sourav Ganguly is third on the list. He is universally known as ‘Dada’ and is measured as the changer of the Indian Cricket when he was the commander. Sourav Ganguly is also the Leader of Cricket Association of the Bengal state and has lots of BCCI and ICC organizational responsibilities. He also co-owns Atletico De Kolkata, a football group in ISL.

4. ‘ Virender Sehwag Born in a joint family of a grain merchant, Virend >> Read More... Virender Sehwag ’ – $40 Million


Newly retreated Virender Sehwag is famous for his flashy innings and shots. His talents are not less than his stance. He has $40 million net appeal and is still rising. He will participate in the events for the retired cricketers in expectations and has trade concerns as well.

5. ‘ Yuvraj Singh Yuvraj Singh is an Indian cricketer, born to a sta >> Read More... Yuvraj Singh ’ – $35.5 Million

He might not be visible in the Indian Jersey for some time, but he is absolutely one of the most accepted Indian Cricketers in India. The champion of World Cup Achievement 2011, Yuvraj is also recognized for combating courage as he whitewashed cancer. His net value is $35.5 million. He is still playing and has commercial interests.

6. ‘ Sunil Gavaskar Sunil Gavaskar is a famous Indian cricketer who do >> Read More... Sunil Gavaskar ’ – $30 Million


The Modest Master of Indian Cricket, Sunil Gavaskar is subsequently on the listing. He was measured one of the premium Test Batsman in world cricket. The withdrawn cricketer now has many BCCI tasks counting commentary as well. His net merit is $30 Million.

7. ‘ Yusuf Pathan Yusuf Pathan is an Indian cricketer, and together >> Read More... Yusuf Pathan ’ – $26.5 Million


He is too out of appearance at present and is not in the squad for a good amount of time. But he was formerly identified for his overwhelming striking and practical bowling. The all-rounder has the net plus point of $26.5 million and is at rest playing.

8. ‘ Rahul Dravid Born in Indore in 1973, Rahul Dravid had been a su >> Read More... Rahul Dravid ’ – $22.2 Million


Former Indian Captain, Rahul Dravid has net asset of $20 million. He is now the Coach of India’s Under 19 Team. Known for his high technique in batting, Mr. Dependable of Indian Cricket has also coaching responsibilities in the IPL.

9. ‘ Gautam Gambhir Born to the textile business manager Deepak Gambhi >> Read More... Gautam Gambhir ’ – $20 Million


The stylish left hander batsman, Gautam Gambhir has $20 million benefits. He is at an arrest on juncture and is out of the panel now. He nevertheless heads the Kolkata Knight Riders players in IPL and has supports as well.

10. ‘ Virat Kohli Virat is counted amongst the very best players, th >> Read More... Virat Kohli ’ – $15 Million

The latest applicant in the list, India Test Captain Virat Kohli has $15 million positive feature. Conversely, the numbers are going to be a lot advanced in approaching times. He has variety of approvals, playing in all set-ups of the sport and has production concerns as well.