Top 10 Lyricists Of Bollywood

Top 10 Lyricists Of Bollywood Hindi Article

1. Sahir Ludhianvi

Tantamount to the expression class, Ludhianvi is indisputably one of the greatest rhymesters, India, and its film business has produced. Sahir Ludhianvi earliest shot to renown with his song Thandi hawaein lehraake aaye from the movie ‘Naujawan’. Still today the song sounding so bright is heard on different radio stations.

2. Hasrat Jaipuri

If Sahir Ludhianvi was renowned for his exclusive songs, which demanded to the best, Hasrat Jaipuri was the universal man’s writer. Undemanding words that ended intellect and effortless tune were his styles. Fascinatingly sufficient one of his major hits was truly a love epistle he had printed to a girl he liked. Later on, Raj Kapoor utilized it in ‘ Sangam’ as Yeh mere prem patra par kar. He, along with Shailendra, was a customary for all Raj Kapoor motion pictures. He is still looked upon as one of the most excellent lyricists India has increasingly fashioned.

3. 'Shailendra'

A man who was whispered by the direction to struggle for the Indian Railways scraped his profession and came to Mumbai for a line of business in the silver screen industry. He was discovered by Raj Kapoor while understanding out a poem Jalta Hai Punjab at a community event. A concise gathering with Shailendra was all that was requisite by Raj Kapoor to offer him the lyricists’ part for ‘Aag’. He has also worked with nearly all celebrated music directors counting Salil Chowdhary (‘ Madhumati’), Sachin Dev Burman (‘ Guide’, ‘ Bandini’, ‘Kala Bazaar’), and Ravi Shankar (‘ Anuradha’).

4. Majrooh Sultanpuri

Instinctive to a police officer minister, Majrooh Saab had to sacrifice good English medium schooling as of monetary reasons. It was to conquer the unchanged economic afflictions that Majrooh Sultanpuri determined to bond the film industry as a rhymester. He was formerly given a check by ‘Naushad’ to compile on a meter, which the later on had unruffled. Majrooh approved with airborne colors by in scripting Jab usne gesu bikhraye, badal aaye jhoom ke and became a close up confidante of Naushad. He was one of the special lyricists of R D Burman and has toiled with him for loads of hits together with ‘Hum Kisise Kum Nahin’ and ‘Yaadon Ki Baraat’.

5. Javed Akhtar

A screenplay-critic-curved-lyricist, Javed Akhtar is one of the mainly sought-after writers in the industry at the moment. A playwright who attempted to eminence for his super hit writings of ‘ Sholay’, ‘ Deewar’, ‘ Don’, ‘ Seeta Aur Geeta’, came into the attention as a rhymester post- ‘ Saagar’. But what prepared him prominently as a versifier, were his songs in ‘1942 A Love Story’.

6. ‘ Gulzar

Imagine poetry. Reflect Hindi films. You cannot but believe of someone else but Gulzar. It might charge you two or three sessions to appreciate the actual connotation of what he has printed, but formerly you traverse that phase, it is nothing as well but pure ecstasy. Be it Naam Gum Jaye Ga in the Seventies, Mera Kuch Samaan in the Eighties or Jai Ho in the original Millennium, Gulzar has forever penned par-brilliance songs. His corporation with R D Burman is celebrated and has stood the trial of time and disparagement.

7. ' Anand Bakshi'

He was a military man before unification with the film industry as a lyricist, having served the Indian Army and Royal Indian Navy. However he came to Mumbai to craft a line of business in lettering and singing, he wrecked up being a more flourishing critic. Though he established his profession as a lyricist with ‘Bhala Aadmi’ in 1958, he had to linger for many years to acquire victory. ‘Jab Jab Phool Khile’ (1965) was his opening hit.

8. ‘ Sameer

While there has been countless a condemnation of Sameer for the practice of double-meaning utterances, there is no rejecting the reality that he is the mainly victorious of them all in the current past. He skipped to celebrity with his corporation with Nadeem-Shravan. Sameer has tranquil for strike films like ‘Beta’ (starring Anil Kapoor), ‘ Raja Hindustani’ with Aamir Khan as the lead actor, ‘ Anjaam’, ‘ Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ (starring Shah Rukh Khan), ‘Fiza’, the most celebrated movie ‘ Dhadkan’, K3G aka (‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’), ‘ Dil Hai Tumhaara’, starring “Bhaijaan” Salman Khan as the main hero ‘Tere Naam’, the hilarious ‘ No Entry’, ‘Aksar’, ‘ Saawariya’ (debut of Sonam Kapoor along with Ranbir Kapoor) and much more. His supreme achievement tempo earns him a position here.

9. Prasoon Joshi

A publicity guru who experimented in films as an obsession has turned into one of the majority sought-after lyricists of the present. Nevertheless, he all the time had a writer inside him having in prints his foremost manuscript at the age of 17. However, qualified accomplishment followed quickly in phrases of the coveted obligations he bagged counting Yash Chopra’s ‘ Hum Tum’. Post that there was a line of admired movies that he wrote the libretto for – ‘ Fanaa’, ‘ Rang De Basanti’, ‘ Taare Zameen Par’, ‘ Black’ and ‘Delhi 6’. The infatuation in his script is what disconnects him from the rest and receives him a position here.

10. Irshad Kamil

Jab We Met’, ‘ Chameli’, ‘ Love Aaj Kal’ and ‘ Rockstar’ are some of his best creations”. While he has won many honors for his songs, the reality is that the majority of them contact your heart unswervingly is the motive why Irshad Kamil is the youngest applicant to this catalog. He has extended long way to go!