Top 10 Films That An Engineer Could Relate With

Top 10 Films That An Engineer Could Relate With Hindi Article

1. ' Udaan Udaan is a Hindi Daily series which aired on 18th >> Read More... Udaan '

It is a story a youngster who is forced to chase engineering in spite of his vision to turn out to be a writer. It’s the same storyline that we often hear from half of the Indian young audiences who face the same peer burden in each walk of life. The film is all about chasing your visions and breathing your life to the completest in the face of everything. 
Ooh! The indestructible companionships, the twinges of love is all what the movie Pyaar Ka Puchnama is all about! This movie’s storyline needs no explanation I guess every engineer guy can easily connect to the life of those three friends, the manner they plunge in love and the substance they go through while in a relationship.
Each engineer clandestinely wanted their college life would be as nonchalant as that of Karan, DJ, Sushi and Aslam nonetheless sadly that did not occur for most of us. Likewise, Rang De Basanti encouraged us all to be the insurgents that we are nowadays.
4. 'Gangs of Wasseypur'
You may have a question what this one is doing on the list; it is because there is always a ‘gun’ inside each engineer! That dialogue ‘Teri Kehke Lunga’ emotion.

 5. ' Raanjhanaa Click to look into! >> Read More... Raanjhanaa '

This motion picture is worthy to be on the list because this flick is for all the engineers who fell in affection at first sight & that did not halt them till they found their love and feel pain in the route. This film is for fun, to feel the sensation of love and also to understand the pain.
6. 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara'
After watching it who would not search for travel sites for holidays and plan a road trip to Spain. A bachelor get-together in the form of a road journey with your greatest friends throughout the beautiful Spain, indeed, that is what each engineer vision has!
The story revolves around six bachelor friends, with totally dissimilar upbringings and thoughts, living in one studio apartment and their expedition to their ideas. The movie is a full ‘guy’ flick and provides the meaning that the lone object that can halt you from attaining your thoughts is YOU!
The film is about engineer’s life, their tale about how their friends are , the family-drama of every mechanic, their hostel life, their college life, and off-course the first love. The movie also a highest grossing film of that time and reruns on TV every Sunday, and I am sure everyone who relates will surely watch it again and again. It is that good. 
This movie would be a real example of motivation if you lost.I can affirm that there will be numerous engineers who have viewed Lakshya at least two times in one of such ‘movie-marathon nighttime’ in their hostel and was unambiguous about a stint in Indian Army after their graduation. The film does has the supremacy to motivate you to the core.
Ending the list with Dil Chahta Hai because it helps us all to learn about relationships, what friendship means, about women and how important family is. I hope that summarizes the whole life.