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Udaan Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV
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Udaan is a Hindi Daily series which aired on 18th August 2014, on Colors Channel, it runs every week from Monday to Friday, and its first promo was released on 10th July 2014. It is produced by a Bollywood film producer Mahesh Bhatt Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt created a niche for himself >> Read More... and is based on an unreleased movie. The main protagonist is a female named Chakor played by Spandan Chaturvedi Spandan Chaturvedi is an Indian child actress famo >> Read More... ; the story is written by Robin Bhatt Robin Bhatt is one of the most successful screen w >> Read More... , Javed Siddiqi, and Sameer Siddiqi. It has two seasons and has about 770 episodes till 28th April 2017. The main plot goes as follows: In 1996, in village of Azadgunj, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi who is a wealthy landlord enslaves the main protagonist Chakor.

When she was in her mother’s womb, she was kept as collateral. Chakor’s father Hariya dies in an accident and Bhuvan (Chakor’s mother) doesn’t have much money or any cow to perform the funeral of Hariya. Hence, she goes to the Rajvanshi’s house to beg for some money for the funeral. Tejaswini (Narayan Rajvanshi’s wife) suggests enslaving the child in her womb as a collateral for the money provided as there wasn’t any other option. Bhuvan agrees to the deal and Chakor is enslaved by the Rajvanshi’s family. Tejaswini allows her to be at her home until the age of 7 and later she is brought into the house of Rajvanshis as a slave.

At that point Chakor is a fearless, kind-hearted and intelligent girl. She makes Vivaan Rajvanshi(Manohar Rajvanshi’s son) as her friend and with his help she escapes Rajvanshi’s home, but is later dragged back to the haveli by her mother, while she was well supported by Ishwar Rawat. She dreams of freedom and Ishwar treats her as his daughter and wants her to be educated henceforth Chakor goes to school, where Arjun Kanna her physical Education trainer enters her life, against all odds Ishwar is determined to educate Chakor. Purushotham (Ishwar’s father) wants to give Chakor back to the Rajvanshis.

Later Chakor meets Bhagya, Arjun falls in love with Bhagya and marries her meanwhile Ishwar succumbs in a Bomb-blast planned by Kamal Narayan. There is a 10 year time skip after which Chakor, Aditya and Vivaan have their Triangle love story going on, there is a lot of betrayal and arrangement of marriages in the climax though Chakor marries both of them which comes as a surprise. This series has a Times of India rating of 3.4 and is fairly popular show and its views are increasing day by day, its success is going to be determined by the future storyline.


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DOB: 23 December 1942
Arun Bali
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