Top 10 Celebs With Whom Slap Incident Happened

Top 10 Celebs With Whom Slap Incident Happened Hindi Article

Celebrities are always surrounded by controversies whether they are singer, actors or cricketers. There are many celebrities who are short tempered and sometimes slap their fans or someone else. There are many incidents of Bollywood celebrity who never control on their temper and slaps.

List of top 10 celebs with whom slap incident happened:

1. Shah Rukh Khan

Everybody is aware of the friendship of Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan. But the relationship of Shah Rukh and Shirish was not so good. The party was for Sanjay Dutt and the eyewitness said that Shirish kept on provoking Shah Rukh in the whole party, and when Shah Rukh was about to leave the party Shirish again said something provoking, then Shah Rukh lost his control and slapped him.

2. Gauhar Khan

She was slapped by one of the audience. This all happened when she was hosting the finale of Raw Star, suddenly one boy from the audience came and slapped her because of her outfit. When Police enquired the boy, he said that being a Muslim Women she has no right to wear short dresses.

3. Govinda

He slapped one of his fans during the film shooting. In his defense, he said that the video is morphed, but the court rejected it and asked him for the settlement. Then he offered Rs 5 Lakh Sorry money to him.

4. Salman Khan

He is always surrounded by controversies; sometimes he creates controversies and sometimes his bodyguard. He slapped his bodyguard as he was mishandling the media person. He did this to save himself from paparazzi.

5. Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor and his brother Randhir Kapoor managed the media person and even slapped the journalist. It was raining heavily, so they both acted as Mumbai Police and controlled the fans. The actor tried to defend himself by saying that he didn’t slap anyone.

6. John Abraham

He is known for his gentle and polite behavior. He slapped his fan because he uploaded John’s trailer launch video of his movie Force 2. After the incident, his fan went to John Abraham house to apologize him for his careless behavior.

7. Akshay Kumar

He slapped Priyanka Chopra’s Secretary Prakash Jaju as he rumored that he is dating Priyanka Chopra. At the heat of the moment, he couldn’t control himself and slapped him. He also wanted to save his marriage because everyone was talking about his relationship with Priyanka Chopra.

8. Mika Singh

Everyone remembers this incident. It was Rakhi Sawant’s birthday party celebration where Mika forcefully kissed Rakhi, and in return, she slapped him. Recently, the report was filed against him because he slapped one boy in the event.

9. Sunny Deol

Recently while shooting for the movie Ghayal Once Again, Soha Ali Khan was asked to slap Sunny Deol, and she got too involved with the character that she slapped him. Each and everyone present there was shocked.

10. Aditya Pancholi

He is always surrounded by the controversies. He for no reason slapped his co-star Vije Bhatia. He not only slapped him but also abused him badly. The news always comes that he is misbehaving with his ex-girlfriends or neighbors.