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Hindi Movie Actor Vije Bhatia
  • DOB : 03-10
  • Gender : Male
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Vije Bhatia, also known as Vijay Bhatia Vijay Bhatia is an Indian actor and assistant dire >> Read More... , is an Indian film and television actor. He has appeared in many movies as a leading and supporting actor and has made his stand in the Bollywood industry. People know him for his personality and mind-blowing performances. He made his debut in the film, “Mumbai 125 KM 3D”, which released in 2014 and he was well received. He has also played the character of Bharat in the acclaimed TV show, “ Ramayan ‘Ramayan’ was an Indian epic theme based on Valmik >> Read More... ”. He has a pleasant personality and calls out to the audience during his performances. However, there have been quite a few cases that have influenced him and his life. A guy named Prasad attacked him on his way back after dropping his friend, Gurmeet Choudhary Gurmeet Choudhary shot to stardom with his role of >> Read More... , co-actor in Ramayan, home. Prasad and his ally blocked his path. For around a month, they had some issues concerning Vijay’s car bumping into Prasad’s, and this had turned into an ugly fight. Another instance was that once he got down to click some pictures, but after returning to his car, it would not start. It took a while for him to locate a mechanic, but the mechanic couldn’t find any faults. After pushing the car for half a kilometer, it automatically started. Vijay was flabbergasted when he realized that the milestone where his car had stopped read 125 KM. It was a co-incidence, but it surely petrified him considering his debut film’s title, which was Mumbai 125 KM.

The actor loves old, romantic music and plays the role of a small town boy, who dreams to be a big singer in the movie, “ Lakhon Hain Yahan Dilwale Click to look into! >> Read More... ”. He has also been watching good old movies so as to gain inspiration. Other Bollywood projects like “Kano”, “Café Irani Chai” and “Pandey Ko Ghar Mila Kya” will cast him as their characters.


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