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Top 10 Bollywood Horrors That Ended Up Horribly

Top 10 Bollywood Horrors That Ended Up Horribly Hindi Article

A dark, creepy room at the end of the corridor, shut for a couple of years. And finally one tries to enter the room, and the person cites a woman clad in white sari yelling out for revenge, and this ends up with the breaking of hell upon the person. Where Hollywood Horrors portray real stories, Bollywood horrors still abide by witchcraft and black magic, that makes no sense or thrill for the audience to watch them. Here are a series of Top 10 Bollywood Horrors That Ended up horribly, where the film-makers have failed to match the standards of Hollywood movies.

1. 13B

Titled as 13B in Hindi and Yavarum Nalam in Tamil, released in the year 2009, directed by Vikram Kumar, starring ‘R Madhavan’ and Neetu Chandra in the lead roles. The film is a psychological horror where Madhavan moves into his new apartment, 13B, with his family, which was followed by a series of inauspicious events like spoiling of milk, miscarriage of his wife and so on. These events were predicted beforehand as were cast by a TV channel, which always ended up in a climax. The channel cast a show which depicted each member of the family, who had been killed once. It all ends up in a mess when once again the milk is shown to be boiling perfectly. The events are vague, and one finds it difficult to correlate the motion.

2. Shaapit (2010)

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, the Bollywood horror stars Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal at the lead. The horror drama focuses on Shweta’s marriage which was hindered by a curse cast on the family. The stagecraft follows the same old path-line where the actor (Aditya) risks his life to break the spell with the aid of a professor and his friend, who ultimately dies. The absurd action sequels like Aditya jumping off from chairs to bring a book from the library adds no sense. The movie starts lifelessly and finally ends up adding no horror tag thus, leaving the viewers confused.

3. Phoonk 2 (2010)

A sequel of the movie 'Phoonk', which portrays an evil colleague casting black magic on a family, who finally gets killed. Directed by Milind Gadagkar, starring Sudeep, Amruta, and Ahsaas, Phoonk 2 is precisely predictable, as one can find the return of the dead evil spirit who got killed in the first part. The spirit finds its abode in a doll which was picked by the children of the house, and the grotesque killings began, where the woman of the house is possessed and is lately pushed from the roof resulting in her death. The movie tries to scare the audience by gargantuan effects used but its low-budget fails to thrill the box office.

4. Haunted 3D

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, starring Mahaakshay Chakraborty and Twinkle Bajpai, the Bollywood drama is a difficult one to threaten the audience. With no tinge of reality, skipping from the past to present and again present to the past, the movie finds itself in a complete mess. It all starts when Mahaakshay moves into a haunted mansion and hears the mourning of a girl. He then takes up the responsibility to save the girl (Twinkle) and is so determined that the next moment finds himself in the era of the dead girl. The movie ends when the actor sets things in place from the past and returns to the present, only to be heartbroken to have lost the soul he had fell in love. Cheers! And he suddenly finds a letter from the girl (Twinkle). The movie ends up drastically leaving the box office in a total mess.

5. Horror Story (2013)

Inspired by Stephen King’s short story 1408, the Bollywood drama is directed by Ayush Raina and stars Karan Kundra, Radhika Menon in the lead roles. The film has an eerie opening where one finds Bikramjeet jumping off from the terrace of a mental asylum, where at present lies the deserted hotel Grandiose. A bunch of friends gets to know about the same and decides to find out the reason behind the unexplained mystery. Hitherto warned by a worker, all of the members gets killed leaving Radhika Menon as the only survivor, who manages to destruct the evil spirit. The drama remains unexplained and fails to cope up with its spooky title.

6. Ek Thi Daayan (2013)

How can the door of hell open with the help of a lift? Mysterious, but director Kannan Iyer with star casts like Emraan Hashmi, Huma Qureshi, Konkana Sen Sharma and Kalki Koechlin made it all possible. The terror begins when Emraan Hashmi was hallucinated by the spirit of his dead sister. He seeks the help of a psychiatrist, who puts him under hypnosis to go back to the distant past. Finally Huma, Emraan’s girlfriend is found to be a witch. Apart from a weak storyline, irrelevant facts such as black magic, the cantering of powers in a so- called dayaan’s braid make it baseless and a lot more tedious.

7. 3 A.M.

Directed by Vishal Mahadkar, starring Rannvijay Singh and Anindita Nayar in the lead roles. The motion depicts how Anindita is killed by evil spirits mysteriously on a visit to Rudra Mills. And just because of Mr.Roadies, who instigates her to go on the trip without the Geeta. Vague! But the director makes us believe that nothing is impossible.

8. Ragini MMS 2 (2014)

An Indian erotic-horror drama directed by Bhushan Patel, starring Sunny Leone and Saahil Prem in the lead. The movie is a sequel from the first part, where the tape goes viral as shot by Ragini in the haunted house, which is then visited by Sunny in part 2. But the meeting takes a horrible turn when Ragini stabs herself to death. But Sunny takes the movie forward as promised in the haunted house and a series of haunted events were experienced by the crew, when finally Sunny is possessed by the spirit residing in the house. It all happens because of a rattle-toy as detected by one of the crew members, and eventually has the toy destroyed. The movie ends with the rocking of a chair which signifies the existence of the spirit. There are some stills that can chill the spine, but not a hair -raising experience at all.

9. Alone (2015)

Redone in 2011 in the South named 'Chaarulatha', the film is a Thai remake. The Bollywood version starring Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover and Bhushan Patel as the director, the Horror drama is all about two sisters, where both of them falls for the same boy (Karan). Bipasha managing binate roles ended up unmanaged when the movies failed to raise the hair of the audience. The movie is all about Bipasha having a threat that her dead twin sister is all after her to snatch her husband, Karan, for whom she felt once. With the reveal that Sanjana is Anjana and vice versa, the movie takes a turn. Confusing, and the director fails to convince us with those bad picks from Hollywood horrors. It is better to stay alone than to watch alone for 3 hours long.

10. Raaz Reboot (2016)

With the first part beating records, the standards of the 'Raaz' sequel kept on deteriorating each year. Finally, the sequel ends up with Raaz Reboot in the year 2016, with Vikram Bhatt as the director, featuring- Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora at the lead. The movie has an unanticipated start with Kriti and Gaurav returning to Romania after their marriage. The box office declares it being a complex plot, where Kriti experiences a series of supernatural events when finally Emraan walks in and promises to set it all into place. The story juggles back to the past when Emraan began to reveal the bygone. And finally, we get to know that Mr. Hashmi is the evil spirit who tournaments the girl. Complex indeed. The movie tries to scare the audience with creepy stills, but the weak storyline fails once again.

Substandard horror with funny approaches!


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