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Alone Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

Alone is a Bollywood horror film starring Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover. It is a remake of a Thai film with the same title. The trailer revolves around a ghost haunting Kabir (Karan) and Sanjana (Bipasha). It is the ghost of Sanjana’s dead conjoined twin, Anjana, who haunts them as she envies Sanjana for being in a relationship with Kabir because she loved him as well.

Sanjana is incessantly troubled by her dead sister’s ghost, making her doubt even her own shadow. Anjana’s soul finally manages to possess Sanjana herself, and the possessed Sanjana now tries to drive away Kabir! A few spine-chilling revelations promise to change their lives forever…

The film was given negative reviews by the Critics. Some critics claimed that the film would only run because of its erotic quotient. Others subtly accused the directors of plagiarism saying that some scenes had been ‘lifted’ from other films. The Critics, however, praised the performances of the two actors, especially debutant Karan Singh Grover. The film did moderately well at the box-office.