Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies That Actually Made Us Laugh

Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies That Actually Made Us Laugh Hindi Article

What are horror movies supposed to be about? It is about spending that night in fear and nervousness,  covering our self with the blanket tightly and making sure that there is no tap on the window or knock at the door. And that’s what we do exactly after watching a Hollywood horror movie. And I was just wondering about how scary films are made in Bollywood. Unlike the one from English, Hindi flicks have the similar freaking plot  with the same director . Instead of scaring us, most of the horror films in Bollywood has actually given us quite a series of laughter.

Below are the top 10 movies that was more funnier than being spooky



Directed by Vikram Bhatt Vikram Bhatt (Born 1969) is a prominent film direc >> Read More... Vikram Bhatt , released in the year 2011, this Indian film is also the first horror film with stereoscopic 3D techniques. Just like every other movies, this one is set in a secluded mansion. Mysterious girl playing piano, books falling from the shelf on its own, creaking doors etc. are quite dramatic.

And that is when the lead actor finds a letter from the fallen book and gets to know about the death of a girl that has happened 80 years ago and how her spirit was tortured and abused by an evil spirit. The film becomes funny when the actor fall in love with the girl from the past. The movie could have actually worked better as a comedy without any intention to be honest.


2. Ghost


We all are used to the flickering lights,barking of dogs, rustling of leaves, shadows that appear from nowhere . And that is the same kind of thing that you can see from this movie as well. Released in 2012, this one has also failed to give us the kind of goose bumps that Hollywood movies give us. The film has a worst script to be honest with no logic , where the plot is set in a hospital with doctors, where people are getting killed mysteriously at 3 am because there is a horror belief that evils are strongest at the same time. Lead roles played by Shiney Ahuja Shiney Ahuja was born on May 15, 1975, to Suraj Pr >> Read More... Shiney Ahuja and Sahali Bhagath , this movie has not been able to become hit at the box office.



Well, I would agree to the fact that this flick has got at least a different plot comparing to that of the others where two conjoined twin sisters are falling in with the same person. In order to get him, the twin sisters go under the knife for separation and one of the sister Anjana dies post surgery while the other survives. The movie follows around with events where Anjana’s spirit is in vengeance  to get her love back as her other sister is married to him.

Even though this film has got that same old scary scenes, the audience gets hardly frightened as we have become used to these scenes and we already know about what is going to happen. Right?


Gossip has it that Alone has churned out to be the best comic movie of that year. No wonder cause it makes sense. Doesn't it?

4.Creature 3D


If Sonam Kapoor is the fashion icon of Bollywood , then we could call Bipasha Basu Bipasha Basu, born in January 7,1979 in Delhi, is >> Read More... Bipasha Basu as the icon of horror movies. You know it's a scary film if she is on the poster.


Creature is another movie directed by Vikram Bhatt which is actually based on a demon whatever you call it that has come to the earth roaming around in order to attain eternity. A creepy reptilian-eyed lizard monster with swishing tail is the demon or creature we are actually talking about. Yes , even they are also fascinated about eternity. Sounds funny to be frank. Like every other films, this one has also got a brave lady with a boyfriend as a saviour and of course what’s a horror movie in Bollywood without a professor who has got theories about the evil spirit.

5. 1920

This could be that another movie that came under the category of the horror films, which has by poor execution and pointless plot made us question the genre of it. 1920 is another horror flick from Vikram Bhatt which is revolving around a newly married couple who has decided to live in a isolated mansion in the middle of nowhere.

Seriously  saying, couples from Bollywood movies should start realising  that secluded houses, near to a forest means that they are haunted.

And also don’t worry, because this film has also got a priest who will come as a saviour after the interval and help the couple to shoo away the spooky ghost when they start experiencing unusual supernatural events.

6.1920 London

Directed by Tinu Suresh, as the name reminds, this is third sequel of the film franchise 1920 by Vikram Bhatt. Songs in Bollywood horror movies are always amazing but they aren’t actually supposed to have songs as they break the seriousness and flow of the story and as well as makes the progress of the film slower. Sadly this flick has also disappointed us in big time as we can find no innovative thinking in this series. Scenes where the lead actor is flying will make us laugh. A couple living in London experience strange events as the husband falls sick and the wife eventually finds out that the reason behind the illness is due to a gift that has been gifted to them from their hometown. The story then continues with the cliché procedures of destroying the evil spirit with black magic.


The director of the movie might have not done it intentionally, but yes this one has also actually fallen into the comic genre. It is directed by Suparn Verma Suparn Verma is a distinguished Indian film direct >> Read More... Suparn Verma who has come up with the most predictable plot without any innovative horror factors.

Six year old Nia has made friends with someone who for others is actually imaginary. And the mother whose role is played by Bipasha Basu realizes that the imaginary person whom Nia has befriended with is her late husband who has been fighting for the custody of her daughter but got killed in a car accident.

Should I seriously explain about what is happening in the rest of the movie?

8. Hawa

The director of the movie should be thanking Thabu for saving the pride of the film by acting well and for having the courage enough to do such a bold role.

Speaking more about it, this horror flick hasn't actually scared us and it is the remake of the Hollywood movie The Entity .And since directors of Hindi horror films has a fascination about haunted houses in the hillside, this one is also set there. This time, the spirit that is haunting the house tries to physically rape the actress .Sanjana ,played by Thabu consults a psychologist who appears as a saviour  for her in the rest of the movie and finds out that the well near to the house is possessed by a ghost. And yes, black magic is done and the evil spirit is thrown out.

9.Krishna Cottage

This supernatural thriller film is directed by Santram Verma Santram Verma was born in 1970. He is a male direc >> Read More... Santram Verma . What is wrong with the movie is that it has followed too many preconditions that should be there in the genre. The characters are actually luckily enough for not experiencing the usual creaky doors and gates with unusual voices. The visual graphic sounds in the film are interesting in the beginning which by the end gets monotonous and boring. Directors in Bollywood should seriously stop making horror movies, I guess.

10. Horror Story


Thankfully, Vikram Bhatt has chosen an hotel for his usual haunting atmosphere avoiding the usual isolated mansions. The noises coming from the TV and receiving phone calls are all having a tint of what movies like The Ring and The Exorcist did. No I didn’t mean that they had been copied from, but Vikram Bhatt must have actually taken inspiration from them. I was just wondering as to who would follow an unknown woman in the dark corridor of an hotel ? I mean who would even have the guts to ?

The story has nothing new apart from the eerie sounds from the hinges.