Top 10 Bollywood Casting Couch Moments

Top 10 Bollywood Casting Couch Moments Hindi Article

There are many stories from Bollywood that never see the light of day. They remain buried unless someone tries to bring them out. They are purposely hidden to prevent the humiliation associated with these stories. Casting Couch is one such event that has happened with many actresses, but only a few came out to talk about it. Casting Couch is termed as using couch in the offices of casting directors and producers to have sexual flavors from the actors being cast in the movie. Bollywood celebrities agree that casting couch exists, but it depends on the person.

Let’s take a look at top 10 Casting Couch moments in Bollywood:

1. Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut was asked to have sex after she gave the audition for the movie “ Tanu Weds Manu”. The actor has her concern during the audition. She stood her ground and declined the proposal. The actress also decided not to keep quiet about the matter and took the help of social media to raise her voice. The authorities didn’t say much in return which leads the matter to subside and is a history now.

2. Sayali Bhagat

Shiney Ahuja came in the news not only for assaulting his maid but also behaving in an inappropriate, demeaning manner with the actress. The actress and beauty pageant winner made her debut against Emraan Hashmi in the movie “ The Train”.

3. Manisha Koirala

Back in the 90’s, the actress claimed that director Subhash Ghai tried to sexually manipulate her.

4. Payal Rohatgi

This is the most talked about casting couch moment. The truth came out during reality show “ Bigg Boss Season 2” in 2011. Dibakar Banerjee is accused of casting couch with Payal Rohatgi in ' Shanghai', where the shooting of the movie was ongoing. The incident generated a lot of heat as most publicly discussed casting couch moment.

5. Preeti Jain

Famous and talented director Madhur Bhandarkar is accused of casting couch with the actor Preeti Jain back in 2004. This scandal is a decade old but is still a little fresh in the Bollywood because of all the controversies it faced. This incident was the top news for many news channels for many days.

6. Shakti Kapoor and Aman Yatan Verma

Sting operations were very popular during a period to reveal anything which needs full proof. Similarly, in one slide we saw Aman Verma with Shakti Kapoor on a slide tampering with an innocent girl. The slide went viral, and all most everyone saw it. It was one of the incidents that revealed the reality behind closed doors and realism of casting couch.

7. Geetika Tyagi

Geetika Tyagi accused Subhash Kapoor; a conversation of both of them talking was a proof of the act. The actress said that he demanded sexual pleasures from the actress and she was in no mood to kneel herself before him. The incident became a controversy and slowly died.

8. Surveen Chawla

The actress faced casting couch experience not from Bollywood but from the South Film Industry. She said in an interview that she has been fortunate enough to not face such experience in Bollywood. And if she is deserving everything will fall into place, and she will never compromise her self-respect .

9. Mamta Kulkarni

Director ‘ Rajkumar Santoshi’ was accused of casting couch by the actress Mamta Kulkarni, during the shooting of China Gate. There was news that she did compromise a little but there is no proof of anything. The matter didn’t work in favor of the actress, and her career was doomed.

10. Mamta Patel

Critically acclaimed actor is also accused of casting couch by Paan Singh Tomar actress Mamta Patel. There was also a slide which circulated among the elite group.