Behind The Scenes In Making A Movie

Behind The Scenes In Making A Movie Hindi Article

In Bollywood, making a movie can be quite challenging. Everything needs to be perfect. There are a lot of efforts required to achieve that perfection. So many retakes, stress levels going up, anger on the verge of bursting, there are so many things to handle. There all efforts go unseen, and the audience is unaware of all of them. Sets are so difficult to handle as it is a small temporary locality formed in it. Too many people are involved in making, and this might be a chaos to handle. The pictures of behind the movie scene will explain it all to you.

1. Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

In the picture, we can see Rakesh Roshan following his directive instincts, and teaching the overnight star how to act in that particular scene. The movie Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai made Amisha Patel, and Hrithik Roshan stars from just one movie. It was a huge success.

2. Sholay

This all-time hit is sure to have many memories on the sets. The film set a bench mark for every human emotion possible, and the actors also worked hard to make this movie a great success. We can see the picture of how Hema Malini, and Dharmendra are together, and Amitabh is having fun by clicking their pic.


3. Mangal Pandey

This movie left deep impressions on our minds, and hearts. Aamir Khan gave a mind-blowing performance. This pic of behind the scenes proves that Aamir Khan is called Mister perfect for a reason. He is so into the role that even behind the camera he is in a serious mode to maintain the character.

4. Karan Arjun

This movie was attacked us emotionally too well. In the making of this epic movie with a great concept of incarnation, we can see that Rakesh Roshan is explaining some intense scene to the cast, and they all are following his instructions.


5. Piku

This movie about daughter-father relationship won our hearts, and left a great imprint on our minds. The concept was beautifully depicted by Deepika Padukone, and Amitabh Bachchan about how a father, and daughter live. The still here shows how the cast is analyzing their shot.


6. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

This movie was one of my favorites, and made our eyes welled up to a great extent. This movie attacked us emotionally in a cute manner, and won our hearts. In this still taken from behind the scenes, we can see the director Karan Johar is discussing some intense scene with Shah Rukh Khan, and Rani Mukerji.


7. Taal

This movie’s main highlight was Aishwarya’s fantastic dance, and in this still, we can see how hard work she, and Saroj Khan is putting into perfecting the dance steps.


8. Barfi

No matter how much we praise the movie, it will always be less. The whole cast has done a superb work to make this movie a success. The leads were very much appreciated for their hard work. This shot shows how the cast is working, and Mr. Ranbir Kapoor is engrossed in his phone.


9. Kapoor and Sons

This movie gave us some real family goals. The movie was quite entertaining. Apart from reel life, even on sets, we could see the cast having fun with each other.


10. Dilwale

It takes a huge amount of efforts to create a perfect shot. We can see from this still taken from the song “Gerua,” where Kajol is shivering as she is barely covered, and the scene is to be performed in extremely cold conditions.