10 Bollywood Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

10 Bollywood Mysteries That Remain Unsolved Hindi Article

Bollywood is not just about movies and songs and hits and flops. It’s also filled with hidden facts and secrets that linger on even after many years. Associating with this industry is not just about the glitz and the glamour but many other things too. To deal with depression and loneliness and heartbreaks and much more. Many celebrities have fallen prey to such things and died, some just vanished but their death remains a mystery till now. Let’s take a look at some of the top mysteries that are associated with Bollywood:

1. ‘ Rekha’’s Marriage

The evergreen Rekha, whenever makes a public appearance is always spotted wearing beautiful sarees, and her sindoor filled parting. Be it a public event or any award function, one can always find Rekha like this. And the question that has always been there on the minds of the people is for whom does she apply this sindoor? Rumours are always up in the air that she applies the sindoor for Amitabh Bachchan. Long back the two love birds were completely smitten by each otherand their alleged romance tale was the talk of the tinsel town. But because of Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh’s marriage, the affair was called off.

2. Divya Bharti ’s Death

The gorgeous Divya Bharti’s death case remains unsolved. The mystery still hovering between accidental fall and a death wish. If we go by the doctor’s reports, it was pronounced that the death was due to unnatural reasons. It was the fateful night of 5th April, 1993 when Divya was mysteriously found lying in the pool of blood, for she had fallen from the fifth floor of her newly rented apartment in the Versova area of Mumbai. Her husband Sajid Nadiadwala and other people were investigated, but no foul play was detected. But even after all the investigation there are no real reports on the actual cause of the death.

3. Silk Smitha ’s Sudden Death

Silk Smitha was a very popular actress in the South movie industry. She rose to fame for her very bold avatar in the south movies at that time. She had a career span of successful 17 years. On one tragic night, the actress was found allegedly dead in her bedroom. Some people suspect that her death was because of depression as she was slowly losing her fame and stardom, while some suggest that she died because of alcohol addiction. Even after so many years of her death, her death remains a mystery.

4. Jiah Khan ’s Suicide

The sudden suicide of Jiah Khan was the material of breaking news for many days. It created a stir in the industry. She rose to fame with her debut movie ‘ Nishabd’, alongside Amitabh Bachchan. With her death came the news of her affair with Sooraj Pancholi and then he had to go through immense pressure and torture as he was the main suspect to be the reason behind the actress committing suicide. There were issues between the two that were getting out of hand and also Jiah was pregnant and had to go through an abortion. All these reasons were cited as the driving force for her suicide.

5. Mamta Kulkarni ’s Disappearance

Mamta was born in a middle-class family and joined Bollywood at the age of 20. She rose to fame with ‘Tiranga’ in 1992 and created a place for herself in the industry. She delivered hit films with the three ruling Khans of the industry. But suddenly the actress started having a downfall. Some people say that the reason was her mother’s greed. She did some bold roles and photoshoots, but that did not help. Eventually, her father left her and her mother in 2002. And from then she just vanished. Nobody has seen her, and her whereabouts are unknown.

6. Abhishek Bachchan - Karisma Kapoor ’s Break Up

They both seemed like a made in heaven couple, and the marriage alliance saw two of the biggest families of Bollywood, the Kapoors, and the Bachchans coming together. No one really knows the exact reason behind the split, but rumours suggest that it was because of Lolo’s mother, ‘Babita’. She was not sure if Abhishek will be able to provide a luxurious life to her daughter. Another rumour was that Karisma herself called off the marriage as she was not comfortable with the condition that the Bachchans had put before her, of quitting Bollywood after the marriage. What exactly happened is only known to the insiders of the family, and maybe it will always be a mystery.

7. Hrithik Roshan – Sussanne Khan Divorce

Their 17th marriage anniversary was just a week away when the duo announced their divorce. They were one of the most stylish couples of b-town and their divorce news stunned everyone. Rumours suggested that it was because of Hrithik’s alleged infatuation towards his female co-stars, that led to the split. Till now no proper statement has come up, telling the real reason behind the divorce. The couple mutually divorced, and both are often seen spending time with their kids, separately.

8. Parveen Babi ’s Death

She was once the reigning queen of Bollywood and had even appeared on the cover page of the TIME magazine. But her career graph had started to incline down. Her mental illness is suggested as one of the reasons for her loneliness and failed relationships with Danny Denzongpa, Kabir Bedi, and Mahesh Bhatt. She got in the grips of depression and was found dead in her apartment in 2005. She was buried next to her mother’s grave. But if people analyze things closely, she had died much before that, and was living an empty life.

9. Kareena Kapoor Khan Shahid Kapoor ’s Breakup

They were one of the most romantic pairs of Bollywood. Their relationship was public, and they did not hide anything from anyone except for the reason behind their split. Rumours say that it was Shahid’s insecurities that eventually made the couple break up. He was not much happy with the Kareena growing close to her co-stars. This behavior of Shahid irritated her so much and had crossed its limits which made Kareena call it an off between the two. The real reason is still unknown. They both are very much happy in their separate married lives now.

10. Rani Mukerji Preity Zinta ’s Friendship Turned Sour

Rivalries between the female co-stars has been the nature of Bollywood. But what makes news is their budding friendship. One such friendship was of Rani and Preity. They have acted together in several movies but never led that jealousy come in between of their friendship. They were said to be the best of friends but soon things turned sour between the two. The two have even made a statement publicly that they no longer are bffs. The reason though remains unknown as to what led to the catfight between the two good friends.