Top 10 Well-Known Fashion Designers From Bengal

Top 10 Well-Known Fashion Designers From Bengal Bengali Article

For all the right reasons, Kolkata is referred to as the "city of designers." It has produced a large number of well-known designers, including Sabyasachi and others, whose creations are now well-known worldwide. One of the world's most fashionable cities is known as the "City of Joy." Who would have predicted that the Kolkata fashion scene would end up being as diverse as the city itself? As varied as the city's atmosphere is, so too is the attitude to fashion. The best place to go to find the best fabrics and other suitable accessories is Kolkata. Therefore, if your wardrobe requires a quirky makeover, check out these fresh designers who are pushing the edge and bringing about some much-needed change to the city's fashion. As a result, we've provided you with a list of the top ten designers located in Kolkata to shop from this holiday season.


When referring to fashion and designers from Kolkata, it is impossible to avoid mentioning Sabyasachi. One of the most well-known Indian fashion designers in the world, Sabyasachi has designed a number of prominent figures in Bollywood. He uses unusual textiles, fusions of fashion, patchwork, and other techniques. The designs of Sabyasachi are distinctive in their own right. He concentrates primarily on Indian traditional attire. The Banarasi saree and lehenga are his most recognisable outfits. In 1999, he received his degree from NIFT. His designs were the sole ones displayed during the New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York and Milan Fashion Weeks. He now creates the wedding attire for every Bollywood star since it has evolved into a status symbol.


2. Abhishek Dutta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Abhishek Dutta

At Wigan & Leigh College in Kolkata, Abhishek Dutta, a science student, earned his degree in fashion technology. At his graduation performance, Entr'acte 99, he was given a prize for the design with the most originality. In 1999, he also got the SIFA, or Smirnoff International Fashion Award. He continued to create outfits for Femina Miss India 2001. At Bali Fashion Week in 2005, he was the only Indian designer invited. After that, Abhishek received invitations to AFW 2006 and AFW 2007. He presented his artistic talents in Dubai, Jakarta, Malaysia, London, Singapore, and L.A. Additionally, he has participated in Kolkata Fashion Week, Wills India Fashion Week, and Lakme Fashion Week for the past six years. In Kolkata, he is regarded as one of the finest fashion designers.

 3.  Anamika Khanna Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anamika Khanna

Anamika Khanna is the owner of her global label, "AnaMika." She is the first Indian designer to have established an international brand with a sponsorship of 2 million pounds in 2004. In 2005, she presented her collections during Wills India Fashion Week. During Paris Fashion Week in 2007, she also displayed her unique creations there. Soha Ali Khan's wedding attire was created by her.


4. Dev R Nil

It is not just one person. Dev and Nil are two different individuals. They are known as Dev R Nil because "r" in Bengali signifies "and." In 2006, when they made their runway debut at Lakme Fashion Week, they gained attention and the possibility to become well-known. They have since been known as the Boys of Bengal and are renowned for their exquisite textiles and timeless cuts. Following graduation from Kolkata, they continued their education in Canberra, Australia. They gained further notoriety because of their distinctive colour scheme. They refer to their designs as "wardrobes from the East" and base them on the dress code in East India.


5. Kallol Datta

He is an NIFT graduate who comes from a middle-class Bengali family. After that, he continued on to Saint Martin's to pursue a degree in women's wear. In 2008, he introduced his record company as "Kallol Dutta 1955." He maintained it current and updated his designs. In major cities with fashion weeks like Delhi and Mumbai, he often exhibits his creations. Numerous publications, including Vogue Elle, Harper's Bazar, Verve, Autore, and others, have published his creations.


6. Shantanu Goenka Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shantanu Goenka

Shantanu Goenka is renowned for his magnificent work and lavish finishing. He attended the first batch of NIFT in Kolkata and graduated from there. He was also given the prize for the most innovative designer. His area of expertise is formal dress for both men and women, including Haute Couture. He uses fine materials from throughout the world and Swarovski crystals in his opulent embellishments. His attire has a royal feel to it.


​7. Bhomra Design & Co. By Sriparna Ray

The company Bhomra by Sriparna Ray collaborates with "Taant" to produce stunning artwork and is all about being imaginative. The Bengali term for traditional handloom work is taant, and Bhomra Design Co. uses it to create clothing, accessories, and home decor. Their concept is a modern take on the stunning traditional weaving of Bengal. You may get everything in traditional as well as minimalistic tones, from sarees to clothes. Visit their studio whenever you are in Kolkata or browse their online store.



Ghosh established her brand "Kimono" while working for renowned designer Jasper Coran. Lehengas, shararas, kurtas, and sarees are just a few of the many items of women's clothing and accessories that her brand carries. Her classic handbag line has a modern spin, and her customers also demand handbags. Ghosh pushes the envelope and gives her customers the greatest possible clothing, from sculpted saris to asymmetrical outfits. So visit her website as soon as possible and purchase some wonderful products created by her.


9. Rimi Nayak

What distinguishes Nayak and makes her well-liked is her clever utilisation of Bengali elements. Our 'Bangliana' style is edgy and modern thanks to her opulent drapes and distinctive fabric textures. For travel or casual attire, she also has some of the best collections. Therefore, Nayak's collection is what you'll really enjoy if you're looking for a combination of Bengali culture and contemporary fashion.

10. BOBO By Ayushman Mitra Ayushman Mitra is a Kolkata-based Indian fashion d >> Read More... Ayushman Mitra

Ayushman Mitra turned down numerous employment offers from Europe in favour of Kolkata, creating the beloved brand BOBO. We admire Mitra's surreal avant-garde strategy for his clothing line. BOBO breaks the conventions of conventional fashion with its fantastical designs, vivid colours, distinctive cutting, and reoccurring floral themes. Owning a stunning item from BOBO will add a touch of psychedelia to your tastes.