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Kazi Nazrul Islam is a Bengali Poet, Musician, Writer, Political Activist, and is the National Poet of Bangladesh. Kazi Nazrul was born on 24th May 1899 in Churulia, Asansol, Bengal Presidency, British India. Kazi Nazrul is known for the Novels, and stories with the themes that included Equality, Humanity, Justice, and Anti-Imperialism. Nazrul’s well known writings are Bidrohi, Bhangar Gan, Dhumketu, and Rajbondir Jobanbondi, which inspired Bengalis of East Pakistan during the Bangladesh Liberation War. In 1922 Nazrul started a bi-wwekly magazine named Dhumketu. The Collection Click to look into! >> Read More... of Songs written by Nazrul were known as Nazrul Geeti, and his poems were known as Bidrohi. Kazi Nazrul Islam’s Success soon brought him into Indian Theatre and he directed a film titled Dhruva Bhakta.

Nazrul also worked on plays like Jahangir, and Annyapurna. Kazi Nazrul started working for Calcutta Radio, as a Supervisorof Production and Broadcasting of the Station’s Musical Programs DD Pothigai offers various kinds of musical progra >> Read More... in 1939. In 1942, at the age of 43 Nazrul began to suffer from Pick’s disease, which caused Nazrul’s health to decline steadily. Nazrul died on 29th august 1976. Nazrul was buried with state honour on Dhaka University Campus. Nazrul was recognised for his contribution to Bangla Literature & Culture. On 9th December 1974, Dhaka University awarded the poet the Honorary Degree of D'Litt at a special convocation, and on 21st February he was awarded the Ekushey Padak.


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