Top 10 Commercial Movies Of Superstar Jeet Of Bengali Film Industry

Top 10 Commercial Movies Of Superstar Jeet Of Bengali Film Industry Bengali Article

Jeet is a superstar in the Bengali film industry, so much so that he is a household name in the industry. He is ruling Tollywood for so long that he has become the king of commercial movies. With his chiselled good looks, impeccable acting skills, and enticing personality, he has consistently delivered blockbuster hits and created a niche for himself in Tollywood. His films are famous for their engaging plots, thrilling action sequences, heart-melting romance, comic relief, bopping music with exciting choreography. Listed below are the top 10 Commercial Movies of Superstar Jeet in the Bengali Film Industry.

1. Chengiz (2023) 

It is a period crime action film directed by Rajesh Ganguly based on the story written by Neeraj Pandey Neeraj Pandey is an Indian movie producer, directo >> Read More... Neeraj Pandey and him. The timeline is somewhere between the 70s to the mid-90s, set in Calcutta, revolving around the chronicles of the underworld gangster Chengiz played by Jeet. He impressed the audience ten folds with his phenomenal performance in the lead role, compared to his any other previous movies. The engaging plot, spectacular cinematography, good soundtrack, and everything was top-notch.


2. Sultan: The Saviour (2018)

This movie is the product of Jeet’s production house, Jeetz Filmworks. It is an action-packed thriller movie directed by Raja Chanda Raja is an Indian Film Director who is majorly foc >> Read More... Raja Chanda . Sultan (Jeet), the protagonist of the film, is a bodyguard by profession hired to protect a family from a gangster. While his service, he realises that there is much more to this story and then sets out to uncover the truth. The film had a captivating storyline with stunning action scenes making it a commercial success.

3. Raavan (2022)

Jeet, this time, came back with a very different role that shook the audience. It is a film where Jeet plays a dual role. On the one hand, he plays the role of Prof. Ram Mukherjee Ram Mukherjee was an Indian film producer, directo >> Read More... Ram Mukherjee , and on the other hand, he plays the role of Raavan, where he unleashes the evil inside of him to shun the evils in the judicial system. To know whether it is his split personality or is it a voluntary effort on his part to combat the corrupt system, you should watch the movie. The story protagonised the antagonist, and the narrative was from his perspective. Director M.N Raj made sure the film became a commercial success, and it did.


4. Sesh Theke Shuru (2019)

Directed by , this film is about Mahid (Jeet), a businessman from Dhaka who falls in love with Pujarini, a girl from Kolkata (Koel Mallik) in London; how they get separated from each other, and Mahid is forced to marry another woman. When dark and frightening secrets from his past resurfaced, posing a threat to his present peaceful life, he decided to fight back instead of running away. The film portrays the complexities, life choices, and raw emotions. It has well-choreographed action sequences, good songs and scenarios. 


5. Boss 2: Back To Rule (2017)

This film, directed by Baba Yadav Baba Yadav is an Indian film director and choreogr >> Read More... Baba Yadav , is the sequel to the 2013 hit movie Boss. The lead actor Jeet with his co-stars Nusrat Jahan Nusrat Jahan is a famous Indian model and an India >> Read More... Nusrat Jahan and Subhashree Ganguly, the film was the most commercially successful movie of 2017. The once “king of his kingdom” has now become the enemy of the masses. The upright, man of the masses, Surya, in Boss, has become the target of public outrage. In Boss 2, you will see if Surya deceived the public who worshipped him or if he is innocent. The audience received the engaging storyline and high-octane action scenes with praise.


6. Abhimaan (2016)

It is a film of a proud business tycoon trying to mend his relationship with his alienated daughter with the help of his flamboyant, high-spirited grandson (Jeet), who gives priority to family. Jeet fitted perfectly for the role. Director Raj Chakraborty extracted stellar performances from the actors. The film is an engaging melodrama, action, and comedy that is recommendable to watch.


7. Besh Korechi Prem Korechi (2015)

If one wants to keep his senses aside and enjoy a not-so-thoughtful movie, Besh korechi prem korechi is a good film. It is a light-hearted movie directed by Raj Chanda. The story revolves around Abhi (Jeet) helping the sister of the underworld mafia to elope on her wedding day and him falling for his other sister, Rai ( Koel Mallick Koel Mallick is precisely the present No 1 actress >> Read More... Koel Mallick ). The film is all about the enigma, charm, and strong screen presence of Jeet and exciting action sequences, beautiful songs and comedy. It is indeed an enjoyable superstar chaap entertainer and is worth the watch.


8. Deewana (2013)

The film, directed by Ravi Kinagi, is about a small-town boy Abhi (Jeet) who falls in love with a Mafia’s daughter played by Srabanti Chatterjee Srabanti Chatterjee is a talented and versatile Be >> Read More... Srabanti Chatterjee . Due to a road accident, the girl loses her memory. Abhi fights for his love and promises to do whatever it takes to bring back her memories. With great action sequences with the mafias and a good soundtrack, the film was a commercial hit. Though it has the same old script, the execution was up to the mark.


9. Awara (2012)

Directed by Ravi Kinagi, Awara is yet another movie which does not need your brain to function to comprehend the plot. It is a simple story where Surya (Jeet), who was once a software engineer, gave up his job for his poor neighbour and is now jobless. This guy falls in love with a girl, Poulomi, (Sayantika), who is on a run from the villains. Amongst all the tension, we get some comic relief in a few scenes, good catchy songs, and some action-packed scenes. Overall, Awara is a film you would want to watch when you do not want to use your brain.  

10. Wanted (2010)

Yet another Ravi Kinagi film, Jeet plays the role of an assassin, Raja, but with a twist. The police kill an innocent man, Shibu, mistaking him for Raja. To protect himself from the police, he lives the life of Shibu, who becomes the love interest of Pooja (Shrabanti Chatterjee). This film has well-choreographed action sequences, a gripping narrative backed by powerful execution and commendable performances by the actors, especially Jeet. It is a highly recommendable movie.