Biswarup Bandyopadhyay Bengali Actor

Biswarup Chattopadhyay, often known as Biswarup Chatterjee, is a Bengali cinema and theatre director and actor. He's also appeared in a couple of Bengali films. Chattopadhyay has been involved with theatre since he was in elementary school. In the years 2005-2006, Biswarup competed in MIRAKKEL AKKEL CHALLENGER - III.. He joined the Bengali theatre company Swapnaferi in 2010. He formed the Bengali theatrical ensemble Dum Dum Biswarupam in 2013 and directed several group performances. Biswarup received his education at Rabindra Bharati University's Department of Drama. He earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Theatre and was a Research Scholar (Ph.D.) in 2020. Biswarup has appeared on Bengali television in both fiction and non-fiction roles. On Sparkle Tv, he hosted a talk show called BISWAJUDDHO. In the "KOLKATA FOOTBALL LEAGUE" 2019-2020, Biswarup appeared as a television sports commentator for SADHNA NEWS.

Biswarup began his political career in 2010 with the "INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS." In 2012, he was elected as the young leader of the Dum Dum Town Youth Congress. After breaking the INC-AITC coalition in West Bengal in 2013, Biswarup joined the "All India Trinamool Congress." He was a crucial figure in Debashis Banerjee's municipal election victory in 2015. (Councillor and Famous Leader of AITC, Dum Dum, and Member, Chairman-In-Council, South Dum Dum Municipality). As Debashis' Assistant, he began to serve him. Biswarup was a crucial figure in the 2016 West Bengal Assembly Elections for "BRATYA BASU." Because of his theatre background, "Bratya" has a lot of faith in him. As commanded by "BRATYA BASU," Biswarup became the head of "DIGITAL DUM DUM" to serve for "AITC DIGITAL CELL." He creates posters, cartoons, videos, and other creative works for political purposes regularly. In the year 2019, Biswarup was named one of AITC Dum Dum's Best Spoke Persons. He also Acted in the Plays "Lakkhaner Shaktishal," "Dui Bigha Jami," "Ami," "Cham Cham Kumar," "Pagla Dasu," "Birpurush," "Kestar Caseta" and, "Bheem Badh."