Villain (0 - 12)


Villain Wins The Heart Of The Audience

A villain is someone who plays a negative role in the story or film or TV show. They are also known as the antagonist of the film. Villains can be of any age or gender and are not limited to certain religion. A female villain is called a villainess. A film can have multiple villains at the same time. He/ She are known for his evil plans and plotting against the good. A villain is someone who has an evil vendetta against a certain person or a cause in the film.

They treat their enemies cruelly and/or try to harm them all the time with their dangerous weapons. They are known for their wrong ways. Villains usually have a gang of supporters who follow him/her and do whatever he/she needs according to the plan. They might even have a sidekick who helps them in fighting against the good guys. Villains are the bad guys in the film and are portrayed to be cruel and destructive. They are expected to be rich and powerful and someone who wants to rule the world. A villain is very important to the story as it adds drama and thrills to the plot. He/ She is usually said to be a supporting actor or side character in the film. But they can also be the main lead in some cases depending on the plot line.