Sofia Ashraf is making waves as a singer in the entertainment milieu. She is a multitalented person whose impact on her viewers is worth noting. Sofia is born in 1987, and is 30 years old. Sofia is also a rapper, and is contributing significantly in this field dominated by males. She hails from Chennai; in the state of Tamil Nadu (India).Sofia spends the initial years of her life in Chennai. Sofia Ashraf is a born into a family of Muslims, who are also Orthodox by religion.

The song titled “Kodaikanal Won’t,” whose release occurs in 2015, is the reason Sofia Ashraf gets to a high level of fame in the entertainment milieu. “Kodaikanal Won’t” is making an impact on the audience. While in Chennai, she demonstrates a passion for studying information related to Islam. Sofia ensures her understanding of Islamic History is accurate. This singer develops the love for Philosophy and always devotes time to it. Sofia completes secondary school and gains admission into Stella Maris College in Chennai. She enrolls as a student of Graphic Design. In the course of this period, Sofia Ashraf demonstrates her potentials in some activities in this institution. Sofia can compose lyrics for songs, while in Stella Maris College. During her years in college, she participates in competitions like Rap Battles. In the course of these events, she transmits messages about the way people are skeptical of associating with Muslims, due to the attacks on the World Trade Center by an Islamic terrorist group. Sofia’s aim in songs is to advise people, not to use the actions of few people, and make a general conclusion about the behavior of Muslims. Sofia Ashraf receives the name,” The Burqa Rapper” as a result of the messages in the songs.

Her song titled “Don’t Work for Dow” comes into existence after the Bhopal Disaster of 1984. “Don’t Work for Dow” release takes place in 2008, and she addresses the negative response to issues that relate to the Bhopal disaster. Sofia also works for a company that specializes in advertisement and has branches in many countries. Sofia Ashraf’s role is as supervisor, who brings new ideas to the firm. The movie titled “ Jab Tak Hai Jaan Click to look into! >> Read More... Jab Tak Hai Jaan ,” makes use of Sofia Ashraf’s song in the course of the film. It is remarkable to observe that, Sofia writes all her songs without any assistance from another person. She also collaborates with a singer like Maalavika Manoj Maalavika also known by Mali was born on 16 Septem >> Read More... Maalavika Manoj .