Indian-born Varun Paradhaman is a musician and lyricist. He has written some songs in the course of his career. Varun is also passionate about singing, and has a voice that mesmerizes the audience.

Varun Paradhaman is born on 14th August 1991, and he is 25 years old. Paradhaman’s star sign is Leo. Varun is not only a musician but also plays the role of a music producer. He hails from Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. The initial years of his life are in Chennai, where Varun has exposure to the entertainment milieu.

Varun's passion for singing and writing of songs, enables him to maximize every opportunity he encounters. He began his education in Chennai, and after completing secondary school, Varun then proceeds to enroll for a Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering. Varun Paradhaman completes this program and graduates from KPCVSS after experiencing a period of difficulties in academics. While in college, Varun makes sure he is always present at competitions that require singers with talent. His participation at numerous events on different campuses is worth noting, due to the impact of Varun's voice on the audience in these contests. It is evident from Varun's activities that he is passionate about the entertainment industry. Varun Paradhaman sings the remix of the song titled "Kadavule Kadavule," which makes waves in the entertainment milieu. This version of "Kadavule Kadavule" occurred in 2009.Director Imman is instrumental in the success of "Kadavule Kadavule." Varun always loves working as a freelancer in the course of his career as a musician. In 2014, Varun released the song titled "Yaar Enna Sonnaalum." Director Hiphop Tamizha features the melody of "Yaar Enna Sonnaalum” in the movie," Ambala." Vishal Film Factory is the label for "Ambala." Varun Paradhaman proceeds by enabling the music, "Taku Talk" to come into existence. "Taku Taku" is useful in the film, " Sigaram Thodu." In 2015, his song titled "Sona Sona" was vital in "Vasubum Saravananum Onna Paedicahvanga." Sony Music is the label for this melody.

Other releases by Varun Paradharam within 2015 include Nizhala Nijama, Athana Azhagayum and " Star." He demonstrates the talent of a high level, which increases the grandeur of the entertainment industry. Varun is a software engineer who also controls a music band and is the mastermind behind its creation. "Rain Rain Go Go" is a song whose release occurs in 2016, and is useful in the movie titled “ Pokkiri Raja" Director Inman plays the role of supervisiing this work of art."Wako Wow" is a melody that comes into existence towards the end of 2016 and is instrumental in the success of the film "Meen Khuzambum Maan Planarium." Varun performs the role of a co-singer with Josh Vivian in "Cosmopolitan Khali."

Krishna Iyer Tamil Actor

Krishna Iyer

Krishna Iyer is a professional playback singer, rapper, live performer, songwriter and also a movie producer. He has sung many songs in the Tamil film industry. He is also a performer who is best known for entertaining the crowd throughout the performance. Krishna Iyer performs in many languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. His performance of the song En Uchi Mandaila from the movie Vettaikaran starring Ilayathalapathy Vijay and composed by music director Vijay Anthony was topping the music charts in the year 2009 for many weeks. Krishna Iyer was born on 20th of March in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. He did his schooling in Bharath Senior Secondary School in the year 2002. He is also called as R. Krishna Bommakanti. Krishna Iyer entered into this career in the Tamil film industry through the movie Kanthaswamy. He sang the portion of rap in the song En Peru Meenakumari composed by the famous music director Devi Sri Prasad. He has also done many TV programs and star night shows. Krishna Iyer has been part of many live performances all across the globe. Many of his songs have topped the music charts including iTunes India chart with songs like Yaelae Yaelae Dosthu Da from the Tamil movie Endrendrum Punnagai with music composed by Harris Jayaraj. His other songs are Google Google from the blockbuster film Thuppakki. He sang this song along with actor Ilayathalapathy Vijay. Krishna Iyer has worked with many South Indian music composers such as Vijay Antony, G. V. Prakash Kumar, Harris Jayaraj, Selvanagesh, Prasan Praveen Shyam, Drummer Sivamani, Shankar Mahadevan, Devi Sri Prasad, Gopi Sundar, and many other artists. An energetic and entertaining person, he makes it an easy job to keep the focus of the audience. Other songs of Krishna Iyer are Hey Lamba Lamba from the movie Yaan by Harris Jayaraj, Singari Sokku Lady, Nee Sonna Vaarthai, Paprapampam from the movie Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka composed by Prasan Praveen Shyam, Maya Bazaar from the film Yennai Arindhaal starring Ultimate Star Ajith and music composed by Harris Jayaraj. Krishna Iyer has sung more than ten albums in the Tamil film industry. He is also working as an assistant director in the Telugu Film Industry (TFI) in Hyderabad, Telangana. Krishna Iyer has also produced some movies. He was part of the production team of the Tamil movie Kalari directed by Kiran Chand starring actor Krishna. This movie Kalari was partnered with the film Pyaar Prema Kadhal for promotions.


Sofia Ashraf

Sofia Ashraf is making waves as a singer in the entertainment milieu. She is a multitalented person whose impact on her viewers is worth noting. Sofia is born in 1987, and is 30 years old. Sofia is also a rapper, and is contributing significantly in this field dominated by males. She hails from Chennai; in the state of Tamil Nadu (India).Sofia spends the initial years of her life in Chennai. Sofia Ashraf is a born into a family of Muslims, who are also Orthodox by religion. The song titled “Kodaikanal Won’t,” whose release occurs in 2015, is the reason Sofia Ashraf gets to a high level of fame in the entertainment milieu. “Kodaikanal Won’t” is making an impact on the audience. While in Chennai, she demonstrates a passion for studying information related to Islam. Sofia ensures her understanding of Islamic History is accurate. This singer develops the love for Philosophy and always devotes time to it. Sofia completes secondary school and gains admission into Stella Maris College in Chennai. She enrolls as a student of Graphic Design. In the course of this period, Sofia Ashraf demonstrates her potentials in some activities in this institution. Sofia can compose lyrics for songs, while in Stella Maris College. During her years in college, she participates in competitions like Rap Battles. In the course of these events, she transmits messages about the way people are skeptical of associating with Muslims, due to the attacks on the World Trade Center by an Islamic terrorist group. Sofia’s aim in songs is to advise people, not to use the actions of few people, and make a general conclusion about the behavior of Muslims. Sofia Ashraf receives the name,” The Burqa Rapper” as a result of the messages in the songs. Her song titled “Don’t Work for Dow” comes into existence after the Bhopal Disaster of 1984. “Don’t Work for Dow” release takes place in 2008, and she addresses the negative response to issues that relate to the Bhopal disaster. Sofia also works for a company that specializes in advertisement and has branches in many countries. Sofia Ashraf’s role is as supervisor, who brings new ideas to the firm. The movie titled “Jab Tak Hai Jaan,” makes use of Sofia Ashraf’s song in the course of the film. It is remarkable to observe that, Sofia writes all her songs without any assistance from another person. She also collaborates with a singer like Maalavika Manoj.

Sofia Ashraf Tamil Actress