Birthday: 13-02-1984
Age: 35
Star sign: Pisces

Abhishek SN is a young music composer, lyricist, and singer in the Kannada film industry. He is also a photographer and is passionate about nature and model photography. Also, he has been a scriptwriter in some movies. It shows that Abhishek is a complete package of talent. He was born on 13 February 1984 in Karnataka, Bangalore. He is 33 years old, and his Star Sign is Aquarius. He is married to his wife, Shilpa Abhishek. Shilpa is his long time friend, and they studied at the same university while they both were pursuing engineering and then had a love marriage at the age of 24.

For his schooling, he went to NVSK High School, Good Shepherd School, and New Cambridge High School. Abhishek studied B.E., computer science from University Visveswaraya College of Engineering (UVCE). He also studied at the Bangalore University. Abhishek is a Software Engineer and works at CISCO Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Abhishek owns a blog and keeps uploading pictures and post regularly. Vocal music composition and photography is his hobby. He never actually thought of becoming a lyricist or music director. It eventually happened when some of his combinations worked, and he could frame them properly. He tried few of his compositions, and sent to his friends and close ones. They found it impressive, and Abhishek started getting unexpected compliments. This gave him the confidence to launch his personal album which resulted in the release of the album 'NeraLaagi' on 31st March 2013.

The album was highly praised and was the popular song of that time. The romantic song and Abhishek's melodious voice was the best combination and came up as a hit factor for the album. This was very special for him as it made him 'a music composer' from an 'illiterate musician.' He turned a producer for his first music album. He gave his writing debut as a screenplay writer from the movie 'Yogaraj' and for another film 'Ondu Roopayalli Eradu Preethi,' he wrote the screenplay and dialogues. It is surprising that Abhishek is not a professionally trained musician, he learned it. Although, he firmly thinks that he is a self-learner. He loves expressing emotions and situations, and therefore he chose to write. He always wished to write the songs of the films he worked in and hence he is composed 'Rottiyu Jaari' and 'Kannada Emotional Friendship Song.' He also designed the working posters of his debut music album. S

ingers such as Sadhna Sargam, Supriya Acharya, Aishwarya Majumdar, Avinash Chebbi and few more are also a part of his song. When Abhishek was just 12, he worked at All India Radio; he sung and acted in many radios, and plays. He also loves poems and enjoys the way it interprets things. He likes visiting new places and making new friends. Networking and Innovation have been his passion always. Abhishek is an active social media user and is enthusiastic about social networking. He wants his friends and fans to stay updated and informed about what is he doing in his life, so he keeps sharing the latest projects and his present work status.

He might soon also join acting in films. Abhishek is such a talented personality that any description would fall too short to mention all his skills. Thousands of followers and fans daily browse him and his blogs on the internet. He has many great achievements at a young age without special training, isn't that astonishing? Over ten professions at a time, this is incredible of him. He has made a praise-worthy contribution for not just the Tulu industry but also in Indian cinema by succeeding in all his professions. We all wish to see his new projects very soon.

Emcee Jesz Tamil Actor

Emcee Jesz

Emcee Jesz is his stage name; his original name is Sujesh Sambasivan. He is a Malaysian Tamil rapper, Music composer, and lyricist from Kaula Lampur. He kick-started his Hip Hop journey at the age of 18. He was performing at underground rap scenes and cultural events. A person was very impressed by his rapping style, and he immediately signed Sujesh for his maiden label Boombox Records in 2002. The person was Yogi B. He introduced Kavithai as the ‘Nachatra’; the replacements of the most celebrated Hip-Hop album, Vallavan by Yogi B and Nachatra are eventually making the pioneers of Tamil Hip Hop. This Vallavan brought a brand new breeze in Tamil rap history and made a great impression worldwide. His songs like ‘Madai Thiranthu’ and ‘Indian Girls’ won the heart of the listeners and became an overnight fad. Sujesh then soon made his mark and became very popular, eventually winning him opportunities to work with popular music directors like Yuvan Shankar Raja, Vijay Anthony, Dharan, Harris Jeyraj and D Imman, advancing him to record songs in more than 12 commercial Tamil cinemas. In 2009, Sujesh launched an album titled Kavithai Gundar, an International Tamil Hip Hop album with eight productions, India. This album was launched with a famous Tamil actress Shruthi Hassan. He was the first Malaysian Tamil Rap artist to be signed to an Indian label, and it was also the first time Studio8 collaborated with a Malaysian Rap artist. The album has 13 tracks including local and International talents; the album also includes Indian recording artist Neha Bhasin. Then he went on performing not only in Malaysia and Chennai, but also in Canada, Sri Lanka, UK, USA, and Singapore. Over the years, Sujesh got more than 30 million hits on Youtube. The album Kavithai Gundar succeeded tremendously in every possible manner. This album won an award for ‘Most Popular Artiste Award 2009’ by a leading Tamil radio channel in Malaysia called THR Raaga. In 2015, Sujesh signed to play the character in an upcoming Tamil film ‘Chennai to Singapore’ directed by Indian film director Abbas Khan. Sujesh’s latest hip-hop album was released In 2016.


Kharesma Ravichandran

Sixteen- year-old Kharesma is an Indian playback singer. She was born on 8th May, 2000 in London UK. She spent her early years in London. Since her childhood, she has had a keen interest in music and hence she honed her skills which ultimately opened the gates of Tamil music, industry in India . In British Heart Foundation she appeared for the first time. She sang we are one a song from the lion king musical. Her performance gained her much appreciation back in London, where she spent her childhood. Kharesma is a professionally trained singer. In 2011 Kharesma moved to India to learn Hindustani and karnataka music. In India, she learned the roots of Indian music and its essence. Indian classical music, which is known worldwide fascinated young Kharesma to endeavor her singing dream. In 2014, she made her debut through a Tamil song “yennai arindhal.” She was just fourteen, when she publically made an appearance. It is unbelievable that such a young child can sing so melodious that is hard to go unnoticed . Since then she has given many hit songs for Tamil films. Young and talented Kharesma was noticed by many film makers, who were looking for a fresh and juvenile voice. After her debut, she was nominated for many prestigious awards. Some of those nominations are for the best female singer in film fare awards, best female playback singer. Yennai arindhal , the famous Tamil song which had Sunita Sarathy as the main vocal included English parts which were efficiently sung by Kharesma. Before , her fame she had her YouTube channel where Kharesma made cover songs of many famous Tamil and English songs. It was through YouTube that music producer Harris Jeyaraj discovered Kharesma. Together, they launched the song kandhal cricketu from Thani Oruvan. And this song was a major success and was played for around three weeks in almost all the Tamil radio channels. The song was ranked first in the Indian musical charts. Apart from singing Kharesma was also a part of theaters and has done more than twenty theater shows. Currently, she is taking vocal and piano lessons to improve her wonderful talent and to make way through the music industry of the country. It’s not new that she has already reserved herself a place in the musical career. Kharesma is living in Sri Lanka and is prepared to graduate from her school . Kharesma is studying in twelfth grade in Elizabeth Moir School .

Kharesma Ravichandran Tamil Actress