Prasanna is an Indian performer and Rahman fan, Tamil movie industry as a Music chief and a playback artist. Conceived and raised in the town of India in South Tamil Nadu, he started learning Carnatic music matured ten and finished each of the seven evaluations of the piano when learning at Magdalene Matriculation Higher Secondary School in the town.

He at that point moved to Chennai with his family and selected on the Visual Communications course at SRM Institute of Science and Technology and effectively started looking for circumstances in the film music industry. He likewise worked with artist Saindhavi on making a melodic collection titled Kannamma about the lessons of Bharathiyar, which dazzled maker Santhosh from Think Music.

Santhosh then prescribed him to score the music for Pizza II: Villa (2013), however, Nivas was in the long run not chose. Santhosh later offered Nivas to deal with the homicide riddle movie, Thegidi (2014), coordinated by Ramesh and the endeavor turned into his first venture. He has been marked to score the music for Kumki-2, a continuation of Kumki and this is the first occasion when that chief Prabhu Soloman is working with an alternate music executive, as his everything past motion pictures was scored by D. Imman.

Ramprasad Sundar Tamil Actor

Ramprasad Sundar

Ramprasad Sundar was born and brought up in Chennai. Later he moved to the U.S. permanently in 2007. But Chennai and Tamil movies had to get closer to the performer Ramprasad Sundar someday. And it did recently when the creators of Thoppi contacted him to create the harmonies for the picture. He had his hands occupied with many parts back in the high state. He is a sound administrator, a rhythm inventor, and a music engineer there but this was a chance that he didn’t want to neglect. He didn’t know if it would materialize as far as he remembers. He was in Chennai, and the creators desired to meet up with him. They listened to his songs and enjoyed it. They gave him an idea of the story, and the musician was picturing how it would work out.Then, when he was on his trip back to the U.S., he wrote down some songs that came to his head on his mobile. And went back home afterward and detailed it again and sent the producers the first cut. Thoppi might be just a beginning for Ramprasad Sundar, who grew up participating in the city’s musical tour. According to the lyricist when you are in India, you have to do a diversity of categories. That incites you on to discover a lot. Apart from lettering music for TV demonstrations, Ramprasad is currently operational as a post-sound superintendent with Mali Elfman for a sequence called Fun Size Dismay, Volume II. The musician was also a fragment of the team that worked on coming up with a new computer-generated instrument. The 28-year-old instrumentalist is looking to discover many other features in music, both in India and somewhere else. When asked about what his preferred music category is, he says that he is a digital all over. He fancies skirmish, page-turners and shady stuff. For the music of Thoppi, he had actually produced a new variety called automated filmic dub-step. He has functioned with award-winning Managers such as John Sands, Andy Ross and world-renowned corporations and personalities such as Cutting-Edge Group, Anisa Qureshi, Santosh Sivan, Facebook, Instagram, Wayne Sharpe, Facebook, Mali Elfman, Mandolin U. Srinivas, Shankar Mahadevan, Illayaraja to reference a few individuals. Presently a creative manager for a promising music placement podium Doopaadoo, Ramprasad has been energetically chasing his obsession for audio and music everywhere in the world and preparing himself for evolving audio tech.