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Vijay Benjamin

Vijay Benjamin is a music composer in Kollywood. He made his debut in the musical journey with a film 'ChikkikuChikkikichu' which released in 2016. It was a movie which was liked by critics, and the film got shot on a train journey between Chennai and Nagercoil. Short filmmaker N Rajesh Kumar directed the film. The love story happens all of a sudden when the hero comes to see his friend in the station and find a beautiful girl boarding in the train. Then the hero gets on the train only to make a friendship with her. Rajesh Kumar also directed a TV series 'NaalayaIyakkumar.' Hence the movie songs and the background music was too breezy as the train journey had to focus on love tale of two young people. N Rajesh Kumar was also the director of the photography in this movie. Rajesh Kumar also wrote the story and screenplay. Since all the songs and acting too had to be taken when the train moves, it was a difficult task for the director. The dance was by Ajay Shivashankar and Madhu respectively. The dance which got choreographed within the train had to be very real too. Since’ one-night –journey’ in the train was the underlying theme, background score had to match with the noises of train sound, and even some songs had to be breezy too. Mridulla and Mithun played the lead roles as an IT person and fashion designer respectively in the movie. The crew had difficulty in shooting all the scenes within the train especially the songs and dance too. 100 team members had to take rehearsals in advance as many times as possible because the camera would be able to capture the songs brilliantly. Editing of the song was by A. Kevin. The film got produced by K Balasubramanian, K Sundarrajan and written and directed by N. Rajesh Kumar. Song picturization was a difficult task; all the songs were within the train. The musical track had a total number of five songs. TRS, Unnikrishnan, Naresha, Varalakshmi, Karthik, Pathmalatha, Mukesh and Benjamin were the singers. Vijay Benjamin composed some youthful tracks like 'EnnaiParthuSiricha' for the movie 'ChikkikkuChikkikichi.' It had lyrics by RagulPrasath. Karthik, Varalakshmi sang the song. Karthik has a vibrating voice which speaks of a joyful spirit. Sometime one could mistake the sound as Udit Narayan. Another song was ‘KannoduKannale’ which was sung by Mukesh, RGR, and Pathmalatha. The lyric of the song was by RagulPrasath. It was a village folk song which had a high pitch vocal support from the two singers. ‘StaroMaro' song was sung by T Rajendran. The song had youthful energy, and the whole musical notes would capture the swift pronunciation of lyrics by veteran singer T Rajendran, and RagulPragasth wrote the words. The song had a direct meaning aimed at describing what youth would think of telling a girl when he meets the first time. The music got set in a highly vibrant tone, and lyrics were very punctual to the tune. Naresh Iyer sang a solo track 'KollaiKollum,' along with Vijay Benjamin and RGR form the same movie. Another track ‘A Jelly’ track was sung by Naresh Iyer, Vijay Benjamin, RGR. The song was a favorite track in the movie. The lyrics were by Ragul Prasath.

Vijay Benjamin Tamil Actor