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Tamil Movie Actress Sangeetha Krish
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When contemplating a serial TV star, one cannot possibly shot the eyes against an outstanding actress in person of Sangeetha, one of  India’s TV actresss who was born into the family of Mr. Balan in Chennai in India. Suffice to say, Sangeetha’s grandfather originally was into film production and he was well very famous in this field, Mr. K. R. Balan must have inspired the screen goddess Sangeetha to have keen interest in acting in his hay days. It is on record that Sangeetha’s grandfather had successfully produced a total of about twenty Tamil films. Also her interest in acting led her to vie into a kind of Indian dance choreography called and popularly referred to as Bhanumathy. The filming activities and productions definitely runs in her family as information have it that her biological father too was involved at a certain point in time in film production.

Sangeetha's successful educational background can be traced back to the college she attended where she was one of the leaders of her generation, she was elected as the senior girl of St. John’s Besant Nagar where she carried out her educational studies during her youth.

Her acting profession commenced at the closing end of 1990s, she featured in the then yet to be released film titled; Poonjolai. This however was an amateur performance and a budding which then propelled her to a successful career. She appeared in another Telugu film title Khadgam in company of other artist in the year 2002. She was also a member of the cast in the award winning film – Pithamagan. She acted in a film called Uyir and her role as an obsessed lady lusting after her husband’s brother brough her to fame too. Her mind blowing role in the film called Kaalal and Films in Tamil such as Dganam earned her so much fame and commendation from the public. And meanwhile it was after then that she got married thereafter and it appeared she was settled for family life.

This commendable pedigree in the film industry earned her an exalted position as she was contracted as one of the judges in various competition platforms such as Vijay TV’s hit show Jodi No. 1 and many others. She is married to popular film playback singer namely Krish Krish is an actor and a singer in the Indian film >> Read More... since February, 2009.  It was a celebrity wedding that had the dignitary of the film industry in participation and the marriage was blessed with a baby girl in 2012.

Another version Of This Bio:

‘Sangeetha Krish’ is an actress as well as a model and a playback singer in the Indian film industry who started her acting career in the mid-nineties era. She was born in Chennai, India and her grandfather was also a producer of movies mainly in the Tamil movie segment. Her father has also been an individual who has produced several movies so it can be said that this ability runs in the family. In her young school days, she was educated at St. John's, Besant Nagar School where she was also the head girl of the school. Sangeetha started on her career as acting in the mid 90’s era where she initially only performed in movies which were of a low budget. The film ‘Khaadgam’ in the year 2002 greatly helped her to get a better standing in the industry. She also acted in films such as ‘Pithamagan’, then in ‘Uyir Kaalai’ and furthermore in ‘Dhanam’ as well. She also got married to, ‘Krish’ who was also a playback singer in 2009 on the first of February and this ceremony of marriage was held at the ‘Arunachaleshwarar Temple’ which is located in ‘Thiruvannamalai’. Many famous celebrities were present at this function to bless the couple with best wishes as well. They had their firstborn child, a daughter in the year 2012.

Another version Of This Bio:
Sangeetha Krish is a South Indian model, singer, and a renowned actress.  She is popularly known as ‘Rasika’ in the Southern film industry. Movies like ‘Khadgam’, ‘Dhanam’, ‘Uyir’ and ‘Pithamagan’ are her best-known works till date. She made her debut in the film industry in mid-90’s. Her father’s name is Arvind and mother’s name is Bhanumathy. Her grandfather was K.R. Balan, who was a movie producer who produced more than 20 movies. Sangeetha was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She was a popular figure in her school, St. John, Besant Nagar, and was the school head girl. In her school days, she learned a very popular dance form, Bharatnatyam. 

Sangeetha initiated her career with low-budget movies. In 90’s she made her debut with an unreleased movie titled ‘Poonjolai’. Later, she worked in a big hit Telugu film ‘Khadgam’ starring opposite actor Ravi Teja Ravi Teja is the popular Telugu hero, whose birth >> Read More... . ‘Khadgam’ was released in the year 2002. Then came her movie, ‘Uyir’ which was not a big hit and she even appeared in the movie ‘Kaalai’. Before she got married, her last movie was ‘Dhanam’. This movie was a big hit among the masses.

On 1st February 2009, Sangeeta got married to renowned playback singer, Krish. He is a South Indian actor and singer. Initially, Krish entered film industry as a playback singer and later tried his luck in acting as well. They got married in the Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. Their wedding was attended by many film personalities. Sangeetha and Krish were blessed with a baby girl in the year 2012. 

Apart from acting, modeling, and singing, Sangeetha was a judge in the show ‘Jodi No.1’ which was telecasted by Vijay TV. She acted as a judge in three seasons of this hit show ‘Jodi No.1’. In Vasantham Central Indian Dance Competition, ‘ Dhool Story soon >> Read More... ’, which was held in Singapore in the year 2002, she appeared as a guest judge. 


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