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Tamil Model ( 0 - 12 )

Ananya S Rao

Athulya Chandra

Anjali Nair-Tamil

Nikhila Sankar


Models Are The Person Whose Main Motive Is To Advertise

Models are the person whose main motive is to advertise or promote any brand or organization. They also give pleasure to eyes for people by posing who works in the photographic field. They need to maintain their physical state. Models are very much concerned about their health as they need to keep themselves always fit.

They require a suitable height for being one which they have. They even maintain their weight and their body shape and size. Models usually move with the trend. They advertise any new brand which is being portrayed out.

They continue to keep their attitude, prestige, among others. There are different types of models, such as fitness models, fashion models, fine-art models, glamour models, etc.

There are models for various media formats like some for the magazine, some for tvs, some for films and some for the newspaper. Some models work for a particular brand and advertising it only.

Models need to maintain their all-time charm and should be attractive. They should have a charming face which should be maintained. Some great models have become idols for many people out there. Models look after themselves from tip to toe for outshining in the best versions.