L. K. Vignesh professionally called Kathir L Kavin, or Kathir is an upcoming Tamil actor born and brought up in Erode. His world was Erode until his schooling. He completed his basic education in Bharathi Vidhya Bhavan and pursued Civil Engineering in Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore.

He entered the Kollywood town recently in 2013 with a heart-throb role in the thriller film Madha Yaanai Kootam that had positive reviews from the critics. Most importantly he won the Best Debutant Actor Award-2013 for the film. He was then given another chance in 2015 for playing a selfish youth looking for a job in Anucharan’s ‘ Kirumi Click to look into! >> Read More... Kirumi ’. 'Anucharan', who was known for his short films, directed this as his debut premiere. The movie received fame in all aspects. The film was also nominated for screening at a prestigious International Film Festival.

After playing in back to back hits, Kathir is set for his hat-trick of hits with a complete makeover now. Yes!! It is not a change in his role it is going to be a change in the character itself. He will be seen as a woman in his upcoming movie ‘ Sigai Click to look into! >> Read More... Sigai ’. The film neither has a hero nor heroine and revolves around nine important characters. Whatever it is, Kathir’s bold attempt having been just two films old has already gained momentum among the critics and audiences.

Another version of this Bio..

Kathir was born in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. He is a director by profession and also writes the plots for many movies. He was born in a middle-class family and was the only son of their parents along with three other daughters. His father is a farmer, and his mother helped his father in his work and was a house-maker. Kathir received his primary education from Kulkarni Christian Elementary School in Tamil Nadu and later joined the Nehru School and later had to attend another school before completing his 10th.

He graduated from St. Teresa and finally joined School of Fine arts and crafts from where he achieved his diploma and completed the five years course there. Kathir directed his first movie in 1991, Idhayam, which he also produced, the film is set up in a Medical College where the protagonist falls in love with a girl and finds it difficult to convey his feelings to her. He assumes the girl to be in love with someone else but later knows out that the girl was helping her sister to rekindle her relationship.

The boy later becomes a heart patient and remains unsuccessful in expressing his love. With the success of his first film, Kathir directs another movie in 1993, Uzhavan; the story was a young farmer who laughs at just because he is fat and he would never settle in his life because of the same reason. It was the final grandmother’s last wish to see his son settle down, so he was finally married to a country girl. The marriage could not last as his wife was in love with another man. He allowed his wife to leave him which resulted in the demise of his mother. He was cursed to die in pain and never attain happiness in his life. He later meets a local school teacher who sympathizes with him and taught him about life. In 2002, Kathir most successful film released, ”Kadhal Virus” the story about a struggling producer who falls in love with a girl. He is serious about the relationship, but misunderstanding creates differences and separate.

She marries with a struggling actor who is looking for a role in the producer’s next. The movie was a major hit at the theater and grossed huge business. Kathir upcoming movie will release in 2016 which is Kanada film and is named “Nan Love Track”. He has been an excellent director and is an inspiring director.

Kalaiyarasan Harikrishnan Tamil Actor

Kalaiyarasan Harikrishnan

Kalaiyarasan Harikrishnan was born in Chennai to parents- Harikrishnan and Tamilmani. His brother, Rajesh Kumar Kalaiyarasan, is also an actor working in the Tamil industry. Before he began his career in acting, he used to work for a private firm, where he met his future wife-Shanmuga Priya. Kalaiyarasan completed his higher education at SRM University as a graduate in computer applications. His first film- ‘Arjunan Kadhali’ which ended in 2008 was not released due to unknown reasons. This didn't stop him from pursuing his dream of acting. With his perseverance, he managed to work with the renowned Tamil directors such as Mysskin and Ranjith. His role in Mysskin’s 2012 film ‘Mugamoodi’ received a lot of praise and it gained him a considerable amount of respect and reputation in the industry. Incidentally, Kalaiyarasan considers Myshkin to be his mentor and role model. However, his biggest break came with the 2014 film- ‘Madras’ by Ranjith. He was selected from a strict three-stage screening process to be cast as a co-star along with the popular Kollywood actor Karthi. Kalaiyarasan utilized this opportunity to its maximum and proved his worth. This performance remains a milestone in his career as it received a lot of critical appreciations with many critics praising him as a ‘show stealer’. Thanks to his role in ‘Madras’, he has over a dozen more contracts drawn, most of the films feature him in the lead role. It is apparent that Kalaiyarasan is a very versatile actor as the films which he has accepted belong to contrasting genres such as the horror film- ‘Darling2', romantic film ‘Raja Mandhiri’ and also the film ‘Urumeen’ which features him as the main villain. Kalaiyarasan is indeed, a promise to the Indian film industry. Had he not quit his job and pursued his dream of acting, he wouldn’t have gained the success he enjoys presently. He sets an example to everyone who wish to live their dreams.



(Kunal Singh) was a yesteryear actor, who has predominantly acted in a few South Indian movies. He belongs to the Haryana state in India. He entered the film industry at the age of twenty-two. He was the hero of the blockbuster Tamil movie  Kadhal Desam, which released in the year 1999. His role in the movie was that of a poverty-stricken youngster who falls in love, through internet chatting, with a girl belonging to a rich family. The heroine role was done by the Hindi actress Sonali Bendre.  Kunal had a great demand among many producers and directors after the success of this flick. He was then seen in the movie Pesadha Kannum Pesume alongside the late actress Monal, in the year 2002. His next acting venture was in the year 2007, through the film Nanbanin Kadhali. Both these movies spoiled the reputation and fame he had got through his debut movie as they were utter flops. The other films he had acted in were a decent hit such as Paarvai Ondre Podhume (2001), Punnagai Desam (2002). These movies mostly received negative feedback, but still managed to become a hit. He then went on to do the film Devathaiyai Kandaen, in the year 2005. He had done a supporting character in this movie, which had Dhanush and Sridevi Vijayakumar in the lead.  In his short career span from the year 1999 till 2007, Kunal had acted in more than a dozen movies. Kunal turned into an assistant director and a producer when he stopped getting chances to do movies. His sudden demise in the year 2008 was a shock to the whole industry. Report say that Kunal had hanged himself to death, but the reasons are not known. Kunal’s father on seeing his body has filed a complaint saying that his body was filled with bruises, and there are chances that his death could have been a murder. On further investigation, actor Lavina Bhatia was suspected as she was the only person present at the site of death. Later due to lack of evidence, she was released from the charges. Kunal was working on the film Yogi before his death, which was to be released under his production banner Balagiri. Another version of bio ... Kunal Singh was born on 29th of September, 1977. He was born in Haryana, (India). He died at the age of 30, on February 7, 2008. He died in Mumbai. He was an actor by profession. His Spouse was Anuradha Singh. Kunal appeared in many Tamil films. The most famous character he played was in 1999 in Kadhalar Dhinam. In 2008 he committed suicide.    Career His movie Kadhalar Dhinam was a hit in box office in 1999. In the film, he was opposite Sonali Bendre. His role was that of a young boy who over the internet, falls in love. After Kunal's super hit film he appeared in many movies, which were a flop at the box office like:/ Nanbanin Kadhali, Pesadha Kannum Pesume, Devathayai Kanden, Punnagai Desam, and Paarvai Ondre Podhume. As later on, Kunal was unable to find any roles he turned to assistant editor and producing.  Death 7th of February, 2008. Kunal committed suicide by hanging himself in his apartment in Mumbai. Kunal's father Rajendra Singh challenged his suicide. Later on, police couldn't find any reason of the suspect Bhatia to be involved as Kunal was a black belt in karate and could defeat Bhatia. It’s said that Kunal had bruises of slashing his wrist many times. Everything, at, last stated that it was a suicide.   

Kunal Tamil Actor