Sanchita Shetty was born in the Bangalore district of Karnataka, India. She has been an active figure in the film industry ever since her appearance on screen in the 2006 movie- ‘ Mungaru Male’ which was in Kannada. Her ambition was not limited to a film career in Karnataka alone and for widening her fame and reach, she takes roles in most of the South Indian languages such as Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. Initially, she played only supporting roles in her movies, but after her performance in three consecutive films in Kannada as supporting roles, she gets the opportunity to act in Tamil movies, and her biggest break came in the year 2010 when she is presented the opportunity to act opposite the well-acclaimed Tamil actor Jayam Ravi in ‘Thillalangadi’.

After her excellent performance in the movie, the director himself recommends her to act in her first Telugu movie titled as ‘ Orange’. In the preproduction phase of the movie, while she was being auditioned for one of the supporting casts, the scriptwriter, and the director notices that with her calibre and talent, she could do a lot more as a heroin than in a supporting role. In the subsequent year, she takes a break as she doesn't find any roles that she was comfortable in acting.

However, she appears in ‘Kollaikaran’ and ‘ Soodhu Kavvum’, the latter giving her all the fame and respect that she had expected from her film career. In ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ she plays a lead role, and the movie was critically and commercially a huge success. Shetty finds the Tamil movie industry to be more tolerant than its Kannada correspondent and presently, she is working in many films, most of them in Tamil, which are scheduled to be released in the second half of 2016. Sanchita is also praised for her versatility as she could easily adapt to acting in the Tamil language just as she would do in her mother tongue. She has altogether worked in about fifteen films.

Jyothi Lakshmi Kannada Actress

Jyothi Lakshmi

Known for her item song performances in many Telugu films, Jyothi Lakshmi is not just famous in Tollywood, but also famous in Sandalwood, Bollywood, Tamil film industry, and Malayalam film industry. Since her childhood, she is a good dancer. In her film career, she is an actress as well as an item song dancer. She played the role of Valli in her debut movie, ‘Periya Idathu Penn’, in 1963. Her role is not so lengthy in the movie, but she made her presence felt by the audience. In the 1960's, Jyothi Lakshmi confined herself to the supporting roles, but in the later years, her skills as a dancer were revealed. From that point onwards, she was famous for her roles as an item dancer, vamp roles, etc. In her careers as an actress and item song dancer, she appeared in around 500 movies in five decades of her career. In the 1970's, she became famous for her leading roles in some films, apart from her glamorous dancing. She acted mostly in female oriented movies, and she is a trained dancer. Her notable roles in Telugu films can be seen in ‘James Bond 777’, ‘Hero’ (Old), ‘Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu’, ‘State Rowdy’, etc. Her role in the State Rowdy is very well-known. Her roles in Tamil movies can be seen in ‘Kozhi Koovuthu’, ‘Jaganmohini’, ‘Thaalikaatha Kaaliamman’, etc. She has acted beside almost every renowned actor in the Telugu film industry like Superstar ‘Krishna’. Apart from Telugu and Tamil movies, she appeared in Malayalam films like 'Murappennu', which was a big commercial hit then. Though Jyothi Lakshmi is growing old, she appeared young in some of her roles recently. She danced in Telugu movies, ‘Jaganmohini’ and ‘Kuberulu’, and she was able to entertain the audience. Her career went downhill when her younger sister, ‘Jayamalini’, entered the film industry. However, both the sisters appeared in some item dances and roles together.