Tarun Gopi is a film director, screenwriter, actor, singer and film producer. After earning stability and fame in his directorial attempts in his career, he forayed into acting even. He was encouraged by veteran directors of Kollywood to make a plunge into direction. After he has done his bachelor of accountancy from Madurai Kamaraj University, he wanted to pursue his dreams of film-making. So, he took an off-beat offer of working as an assistant director to various K-town directors such as Manoj Kumar Manoj Kumar was born as Harikrishna Goswami. He wa >> Read More... Manoj Kumar , Geetha Krishna Geetha Krishna is a well-known film director and p >> Read More... Geetha Krishna , Senthil Nathan, Sakthi Chidambaram Sakthi Chidambaram is a director for Tamil Films a >> Read More... Sakthi Chidambaram and Upendra. He leant handing shoots independently and within a few years he established him as an independent director of a film ‘Thimiru’. He came from Madurai to carve a niche for himself in Kollywood. 

So far he has been famous in K-town for his film ‘Thimiru’ which was released in 2006 and became the top grosser movie in Tamil Nadu. He directed Simbu in Kaalai and Vishal in Thimiru. Later on, he tried his hands for a film titled ‘Soodhattam’ under his own banner. In between his directorial assignments, he also turned hero. Some of the films where he wanted to act includes names such as Veri, Saravanakudil, Pechiyakka Marumagan Pandiyan. In a career that spanned over few years, actor-director Tarun Gopi managed to become a top box office draw. He was never worried about critical or audience reception. He amassed an impressive body of work both in front and behind the camera while in the same time starring in a couple of films that he directed. However, if he can continue to bridge his talent as a director what he did in his first film(‘Thimiru’), maybe he will be able to earn his reputation of being one of the masala filmmakers in K-town. He was born on April 10, 1985, in Theni district of Tamil Nadu.