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Sakthi Chidambaram is a director for Tamil Films and an Indian Film director. Sakthi's birth name is Dhinakaran. Sakthi wrote dialogs for screenplays like Veettai Paru Nattai Paru, Pokkiri Thambi, Kottai Vaasal, Uzhiyan, Pathavi Pramanam. Chidambaram started his first directional Cinema in the year 1997 along with Samrat which is a remake of the Baazig Hindi Screenplay. Chidambaram directed Vettu Onnu Thundu Rendu in the year 1998, but unfortunately, both films were a failure. Later Dhinakaran changed his name to Sakthi Chidambaram. Along with Sathyaraj, he directed Ennamma Kannu. The play had received box-office hits. The success of the film had brought him fame and recognition. Later Sakthi directed a play along with Karthik, called Lovely. His next composition was Charlie Chaplin,This was a hit and it led to remakes in other languages.

Sakthi has made other films like Kadhal Kirukkan, Inidhu Inidhu Kadhal Inidhu, but those were box-office disasters. In 2004, Sakthi directed a film is a satire on politics and cinemas. That movie faced many controversial issues before releasing and most of the Tamil politicians and actors were opposed to the release of the screenplay. In 2005, Chidambaram worked along with Sibiraj, Chaya Singh, and Vikranth on the movie Pattasu but it did not complete its production. Sakthi later directed with Satyaraj in Kovai Brothers and Englishkaran, and both were successful. The actress Suhasini lashed out at Sakthi Chidambaram by giving bad reviews his screenplay in Rajadhi Raja. For the movie Kaavalan, Sakthi bought Tamil Nadu rights. The filmography directory works started from the year 1997 and continued till 2015. All those directory works were done in Tamil.

Approximately Sakthi composed fourteen movies. Sakthi acted approximately in four films since in the year 1999. Sakthi has produced five screenplays which are Rajadhi Raja, Kovai Brothers, Sandai, Guru Sishyan Guru Sishyan was telecasted in Puthuyugam Tv.It wa >> Read More... , Viyabari. Sakthi Chidambaram was take aback because ofthe review that Suhasini gave for Rajadhi Raja. On one occasion, he spoke about Suhasini's reviews and the way she dared to comment on his work and not say anything about bad direction by other directors like Balu Mahendra Balanathan Benjamin Mahendran was born in a Sri La >> Read More... , Mani Rathnam or K. Balachandar. "She works for just 10,000 pay for each episode and in that position, Suhasini commented on my movie", he said. For the story, Kaavalan Sakthi he decided to release the movie worldwide. By seeing the story of Kaavalan many film directors like Lootty, Guru Sishyan, Vyabari, Ennamma Kannu, and Sandai were impressed and released the rights of the Screenplay.


Born: 28 February 1979

Age Now 45

Srikanth - (Movie Actor)

Born: 28 February 1990

Age Now 34

Praveen Antony - (Editor)

Born: 28 February 1987

Age Now 37

Master Prabhakar - (Supporting Actor)


Born: 27 February 1956

Age Now 68

Thambi Ramaiah - (Comedian)

Born: 27 February 1984

Age Now 40

Dhibu Ninan Thomas - (Playback Singer)

Born: 27 February 1991

Age Now 33

Nithin Iyer - (Actor)

Born: 26 February 1986

Age Now 38

Ma Ka Pa Anand - (Movie Actor)

Born: 26 February 1987

Age Now 37

SU Arun Kumar - (Director)