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Tamil Screenplay ( 0 - 12 )


Kalaivithagar Arur Das

Ramana Girivasan


The Screenplay Is A Script That Is Developed Either For A Film

The Screenplay Is A Script That Is Developed Either For A Film, Tv Show Or Any Other Realm Of Media. The Screenplay Can Either Be Original With A Unique Idea Or Can Also Be Adapted From Various Other Sources Of Writings.

A Screenplay Does Not Only Contain The Storyline But Also The Actions That Are To Be Performed With Each Dialogue, Expressions Of The Actors Along With The Movement Occurring In The Background Of That Particular Scene. It Is A Detailed Description Of The Entire Scene That Can Be Subjected To Improvisations. Screenplays Mainly Constitute Of Actions And Dialogues. The Action Mainly Includes A Description Of The Setting, Sound, Movements, And Dialogues Are The Characters Spoken Words. The Excellence Of Screenplay In Tamil Movies Can Be Observed By Their Catchy Dialogues And Signature Moves. Generally, Screenplays Are Structured In Such A Way That Each Page Equals One Minute Of Screen Time.

In Film Making, Screenplays Are Graded Using Screen Coverage Which Is Mainly Verbal Explanation And Analysis Which Is In The Form Of A Report.