P. G. Muthiah

Other names of P. G. Muthiah: P G Muthaiah

P.G. Muthiah was born in Muthiah Goparatnam Alathudaiyanpatti, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu in India. He finished his schooling in the year of 1999 and graduated from Sengunthar Higher Secondary School, which was present in the small town of Thuraiyur, Tamil Nadu.

This change marked Muthiah’sascension from his small town to the port city of Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu, for his pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication from the country-famous, acclaimed university, SRM Arts and Science College.

Here, the young man attained his degree and graduated in the year 2002. After Muthiah’s college life came to a close, vocational accessibility was a scarcity as there is not much speculation on the different projects that he worked on in that period of time. Soon, however, his entrance into the film industry created a huge exposure for his talent.

His earliest documented work to date is his considerable efforts in the making of the 2008 Tamil movie, Poo. This film was a romantic drama wherein Muthiah got the chance to work as a cinematographer beside prestigious personalities like Sasi, who directed the film.

Muthiah also worked on several occasions with director R. Kannan, who was acclaimed for his sensational hit, Jayamkondaan. His most credited project with Kanna was in the movie KandenKadhalai, which is a 2009 romantic comedy and a remake of the blockbuster Hindi hit, Jab We Met.

Muthiah was married to his maternal cousin in late April of 2010, after which his work took a turn for the better. Realizing that he had many talents, the young cinematographer decided to branch out into other streams of the film industry. In the year 2015, he took up the role of a producer and financed three different Tamil films, all low budget works that were his start-up in the world of movie production.

The first was Raja Manthiriwhich is a comedy and romance, released in early 2016, and was directed by Usha Krishnan Usha Krishnan is a 29 years old promising, an upco >> Read More... Usha Krishnan . Muthiah was impressed by Krishnan’s commitment to the movie and this is the epitome of what spurred him to produce the movie.

His other works include another 2016 release titled Marainthirunthu Paarkkum Marmam Enna and a 2017 budget release called Peechankai, and all three films were produced through Muthiah’s own studio, PG Media Works.

His career in the film industry did not end there – most recently, Muthiah has entered the role of directing as well and has both directed and produced the 2018 Tamil language based movie titled Madura Veeran Click to look into! >> Read More... Madura Veeran . This young man is thus a director, producer, as well as a cinematographer. He has come a long way from the small town boy he grew up as and will continue to surprise audiences with his brilliance and talent.