Ananda Krishnan is a motion picture director from India. He is known predominantly to have worked in movies made in the Tamil language. He initiated his career in the cinematic industry with the film Aal, which got made in the Tamil language. Shoundaryan Pictures was the producer of Aal. He made a huge success with this movie. It got appreciated by both, the audience of the motion picture and also critics.

Before Ananda Krishnan started out to make his films, he was working under Susi Ganeshan Susi Ganeshan is an Indian producer, movie directo >> Read More... Susi Ganeshan . He had directorial work even then. He assisted Susi Ganeshan, who was the lead director. One such motion picture in which Ananda Krishnan engaged with Susi Ganeshan is Kanthaswamy. Not only this, but he also did editing work in the film. Along with the job of the assistant director of Kanthaswamy, he also had the work of the co-editor of the same picture.

The other editor of the movie in which he worked was Praveen K.L. Aal was the first movie in which he was the chief person-of-editing. The motion picture got released to the public in the year 2014. Aal got produced under the banner of Shoundaryan Pictures. The story of the movie gets based on a Bollywood picture. The title of that film is Aamir. The male lead who was a part of Aal was Vidarth. Alongside Vidarth, the beautiful and ravishing actress Hardika Shetty was cast. Even though Aal was Ananda Krishnan’s very first picture, he managed to make the film liked by all. It addressed various sensitive issues.

Thus, this endeavor and effort of his were liked by everyone. Not only film critics acclaimed his work, so did many other celebrities of the cinema Industry. The media also appreciated his efforts for the movie. Another motion picture of his got released recently. The title of it is METRO. He created a banner of his own named METRO Productions. The film got made under the ownership of METRO Productions itself. It belonged to the action and thriller genre. It was being made recently and got released in the year 2016. Its release date was the 24th of the month of July in the year 2016.

The late Arul Mozhi Varman is the father of Ananda Krishnan. Rajivee is the mother of Ananda Krishnan. He was born in the union territory of India, Puducherry. He currently lives in Chennai, the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu.