John Amirtharaj was a famous and fairly well-known personality who worked in the Indian Film Industry not just as a director in many films but also as an actor. He was born in the year 1941. He was married to Girija and had two daughters with her. The names of his daughters were Nancy and Anitha. John started his career by first appointing himself to the role of an assistant director so that he could learn about the nuances of the various processes that take place for a fruitful picture to come forward. He was the assistant to some famous directors like K. Bhagyaraj and R. K. Selvamani. As an assistant director, he worked in various films among which were Pulan Visaranai 'Pulan Visaranai' is a Tamil language TV s >> Read More... Pulan Visaranai , Indru Por Nalai Vaa, etc. He did not just assist a lot of directors but ventured out further and directed several movies under his skillfully scrutinizing eyes. He directed some of the best actors of the industry. He was a director of the movie Game in which he got the opportunity to direct Radha and Karthik.

This film came out in the year 2002 and went on to become a successful one. Apart from directing, he also took to writing scripts and stories for several films. He is credited to have written dialogues for several movies, Chembaruthi, which came out in the year 1992, being one of them. Owning to the kind of tremendous skills that John possess, he was known not just for his talents in the field of direction and writing for a film but was also seen acting in many of them. He appeared in the movie Indru Poi Nalai Vaa in which he played the role of a Hindi pundit, a role that is cherished. Other movies in which he made an appearance were Pulanvisaaranai, Sandakozhi, etc. among the other 70 films. John, at the age of 66, had a heart attack in the year 2008, and he died the same year on 28th of May. He was cremated at Mandaveli.