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“Laughing kills diseases,” is a famous line that everyone knows about, and Singamuthu is the person who makes us primarily obey the above statement in an indirect fashion. Though it’s obvious from the introduction, it’s not a muck to mention that, Singamuthu is a South Indian comedian, Tamil being his most fluent language. Comedy is the most entertaining thing that induces every one of its prey in a jovial manner. Singamuthu had his feet on this world on Monday, 8th December 1958, Monday.

Ever since his childhood, he has been very keen on performing hilarious acts. This is, in fact, a DNA- related matter, as his father was in the same field. However, he succeeded in doing such things. These happenings allowed him to step into different types of platforms, and to perform various comedy shows. Gradually, the dignity and the level of stages he performed on inclined, and he moved up in fashion. Finally, he ended up on a big podium, the scaffold of renowned comedians show, which is “The Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru “.

He was able to prove his inherited skills very brilliantly and in an understandable manner that managed to surprise the judges over the threshold level, made the audience laugh endlessly, and also got him the award saying, “The Best Comedian of This Season”. In the meantime, Singamuthu also started developing his career in the acting sector by doing small comedy roles in cinemas. He predominantly paired up with another comedy star, Mr. Vadivelu.Their works are always remembered and are considered the bests of the bests.

These two people when they, mingling and perform then that is categorized as the metaphor- for “bread and butter”, which, of course, no doubt for their hit comedies. Singamuthu has experience in the comedy field by doing twenty-two movies, having and has excelled in each area. His well-famed works are: “Winner”, "Imsai Arasan Irupathi Moonam Pulikesi", "Velayudham”, "Kanden Kadhalai" and much more. He merges with the given role, which allows him to turn up the particular character into a person who deserves an applause, in films.

His work as doing a role of an old poet in "Imsai Arasan Irupathi Moonam Pulikesi" marks his identity. To be specific, one of his most unforgettable characters was portrayed in the movie, "Kanden Kadhalai”. He was a person who had a big beard and a colloquial slang of speaking, as well as having a funny appearance, which made his role an epic.

Singamuthu is unique in his way of living as. He adds his own touch into his doings, and there is no doubt in endless comedy till our death. Without a doubt, the audience will find endless comedy in his work.


Born: 2 March 1983

Age Now 41

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